H2O Just Add Water Bella VS Emma

H2o_James posted on Aug 23, 2009 at 01:51AM
ok im really sick of everyone who is a emma fan bashing Bella...idk y either people tell me and everyone else y u hate bella or y u like her? u opinions on the emma vs bella.

mine is im glad shes gone, one reason is tht if she didnt want to do the show and was forced by a contract the show would have suffered, second i didnt like her she always complained about everyone and was rude to everyone as well blamed everyone and got into alot of trouble because she wouldnt ask for help(look at freezing miriam), third i want a new mermaid and new twists in the tail(lol nice use of words) a new mermaid will be a huge twist about mayko and other places in the world as we thought mako was the only island to change people into mermaids now there could be several more, new powers new enimies now with te water being evil

H2O Just Add Water 45 balasa

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