When you're a mermaid anda have to avoid water at all cost but the thing is it really changes your life. Bein' a mermaid, having a power over water,
gettin to swim in the ocean, swim with dolphins
whenever anda want.

The Trio

She can mold/control water and has the power of wind which she got in season 2. At first she was scared and didn't enjoy havin a tail. But then
later she enjoys it. She is girly and wears a lot of berwarna merah muda, merah muda and purple. She always talks about Lewis when she is with her friends atau even to her family. She forms a relationship as goin' out with Lewis for awhile but then she breaks up with
him since her life was then complicated. With new powers, her parents spliting up and her jerk of a little sister. She has to deal with so much stuff.
She then gets jealous of charlotte since she spends every waking moment with Lewis. Cleo still hangs out with him. She tries to tell him that she still liked him twice but then he walked off so he never knew.

She has the power to freeze, the body of storms and also snow. She was on the swim team for a while and she swam competidly for a long time.
She has been traing since she was like six months old. She can be kind of bossy and controlling and seems like she is the leader of the trio. In season one she likes Byron who has blonde and curly hair. Then in season two she meets Ash in the episode Riding for a Fall. She was getting kind of paranoid of him. She then later develops a relationship with Ash. He works at the jus net in about the middle of the season. Emma was tryin' to hard not
to fall for him but he just kept comin' back.
She has a little brother named Elliot who is nice and sweet.

She can heat and boil water. In season two she can also start fires and conduct lightning. She was the new girl in season one and had an attitude and also has temper. In the episode The Camera Doesn't Lie she saves Zane and then oleh the end of the episode she thinks that he isn't as bad as he really is. Then at the episode Hook, Line and Sinker they get stuck on the roof and then Zane gives Rikki his tux mantel because of the rain. Just as he went over to the elevator to get his tux jaket he and Rikki kiss. Then a little bit later they also develop a friendship. Zane is hunting Rikki, Cleo and Emma down when he doesn't know it's them. In the episode A Twist in the Tail he discovers that Rikki is a mermaid. But then he heard that she isn't a mermaid anymore when actually they just gave up their powers for only twelve hours. In season two she and Zane get back together he also finds out that she still is a mermaid. Then we find out that she lives in like a trailer park with her dad. They are poor and it's hard for her and her dad with money. She keeps telling Cleo that she can still hang with Lewis and she keeps saying to Emma that there is chemistry between her and Ash.

The 4th Mermaid

She is new in season three and tried to persue Lewis to go out with her but he isn't interested.
Then close in the season they start to go out.
In the episode Camping at Mako Island charlotte discovers the moonpool. She starts to become an air head and also paranoid. She tries to pull Lewis away from Cleo since she just wants him all
to herself.
She then found a picture of her grandmother in Cleo's room and then she tries to interogate everything. oleh going back into Cleo's room and taking pictures & a video. That's when she finds out that her grandmother was a mermaid. She couldn't believe it at first and tries to find Max. She finds him and he tells her "At the right place at the right time magic happens". So she goes to Mako island and she becomes a mermaid also. She ends up getting all three powers
and also the additional powers. In the end she loses everything. She just wanted Lewis to like her that she admits. She also gives Cleo back her
grandmother's locket.

The Last Mermaid

She moves to the emas Coast in season three and she's been a mermaid since the age of eight. She ends up going out with Will, a skilled diver.
She wears a kalung made out of string atau elastic and Cleo and Rikki end up wearing the same locket. Bella brings something new to the group no one really knows what it is. Bella became a mermaid on a different island. No one really knows her power. People are saying powers over weather, controlling the rain, some are saying that she is able to freeze to and others are saying that she has powers of jelly.