charlotte Watsford is the new girl in season 2. Her first appearance was api and Ice.
anda notice instantly that charlotte had
a thing for Lewis when she saw him.
Cleo was the first person to meet her when
she used her new powers and accidently go
to Charlotte.
Later in the episode anda see that she has a passion for art. That she likes to paint, draw, scetch and do ceramics.
Cleo at first is jealous cause charlotte spends time with Lewis a lot. She just wants to keep her
secret aman, brankas and make sure that charlotte doesn't
get close to the mermaid secret.
oleh later charlotte tries to persue Lewis to go
out with her but Lewis isn't interested.
But then they start to build a friendship and bond and then sooner they start to go out.
Cleo is still jealous of charlotte spending so much time with Lewis and charlotte turns off Cleo's cell phone when Emma tries calling Lewis.
From the beginning charlotte is this nice girl who loves art. Then she becomes frantic and tries to steal Lewis away from Cleo since Lewis still likes being around Cleo.
charlotte says to Lewis as he's leaving to go save Rikki. "But Lewis we're ment to be together."
So charlotte then started getting lebih and lebih paronoid and started rebelling against the girls also.
Then later in the season charlotte finds a picture in Cleo's room and charlotte says that it was Gracie, her grandmother. Cleo and the other girls can't believe it. So charlotte is Gracie's granddaughter and she goes into Cleo's room and steals pictures and a film to find out lebih about her grandmother and also that she misses her.
Her mother transfers the film to disk so charlotte can watch the film.
When she does start watching anda see Max Hamilton fishing, charlotte keeps smiling. She really
misses her grandmother.
Lewis comes in and sees charlotte watching the film on a disk. charlotte then pays attention
while yound Mak Hamilton throws Gracie in the water. Kinks happen and then charlotte sees her as a mermaid. charlotte was so shocked to see
it and thought that it was real.
She berkata "But what if it was real, what would that make me"
oleh the selanjutnya episode charlotte follows Lewis with the Satchle and sees Max Hamilton who tells her everything about her grandmother Gracie.
He berkata "At the right place at the right time
magic happens"
So charlotte ends up going to Mako Island once down in the moon pool she was about to put her hand in when she saw someone coming and hid.
She then saw that it was the girls Cleo, Emma and Rikki and she saw them with tails.
Then charlotte sees a light shinin down in moonpool and she jumps in and oleh the selanjutnya morning she is a mermaid.
The girls find out and Rikki is the only one who isn't happy about it. They try to help oleh showin them their powers.
charlotte then discovers her first power at the JuiceNet cafe. She has the power to pindah water just like Cleo who is not happy at all. Then when she touches the bola voli which is wet she ends up going to the water and ends up oleh a perahu hding and she evaporates and starts heating up her tail and she discovers she has Rikki's power also.
The girls win the vollyball game and charlotte shows them that she got Rikki's power, who isn't thrilled. Then she expirments and finds out she has Emma's powers also and she thinks of herself as a super mermaid.
Things get lebih edgy with charlotte and the girls. When charlotte starts using
her powers out of control oleh makin Nate
suffer being in Lewis's boat. Also oleh locking Cleo and Emma in her pool room. That's when Cleo and Emma decide that charlotte went way out of line.
Then charlotte mencuri Cleo's locket/Gracie's locket. But first they had a power fight and charlotte berkata "You call yourself a mermaid you're pathetic"
She grabs her grandmothers kalung and berkata that Cleo does't deserve it, it was her randmothers.
Cleo then goes out to Dretaons batu karang, karang which is a hiu breeding ground. Lewis breaks up with charlotte to go save Cleo.
They then went to the pantai of Mako Island and started talking and they end up ciuman and getting back together. So charlotte is totally crushed and starts hating Cleo more.
Then charlotte says in the selanjutnya episode that she is lebih mermaid than the three of them put
togther. And lifts them in the air.
Then at night its a fifty tahun moon and reveals that's how her grandmother lost her powers.
So the battle begins between the girls and Charlotte. charlotte has no regrets thinking
that she will always be a mermaid.
But on that fifty tahun moon she ends up losing her powers and tail.
charlotte ends up giving Cleo the locket back and Lewis puts it on her.
Emma then showed Ash that she is a mermiad he reacts calmly and says cool.