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Addison and Derek - Liar

Grey's Anatomy: Patrick Dempsy Meeting Shonda Rhimes

Grey's Anatomy: Sandra Oh On Auditioning

Kevin McKidd "Grey's Anatomy" on Jimmy Kimmel Live 12-2-08

Alex/Izzie - Hometown glory

Greys Anatomy Merder - all coming back to me now

Mark and Lexie "Halo"

MarkLexie: Realize

MerDer-Only Yesterday (Grey's Anatomy)

Cristina/Owen - Poker Face

Cristina/Owen - What Hurts The Most

Cristina/Owen - Something There

Alex on Izzie: Grey's Anatomy - Elevator cinta Letter

Greys Anatomy - My Life Would Suck Without anda

Greys Anatomy S05E19 part 1 of 5 [HQ]

GA 5.19 - Bailey

Derek/Addison - One Life to cinta (AU)

My Darling" oleh Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez - Fever

Chandra Wilson and James Pickens jr. Interview with five.tv

Derek & Owen scenes 519

GA 3x14 MerDer

GA 3x15 MerDer

GA 3x16 MerDer

GA 3x17 MerDer

GA 3x25 MerDer

GA 3x24 MerDer

GA 3x23 MerDer

GA 3x22 MerDer

GA 3x21 MerDer

Grey's Anatomy 5x19: Chief asks Alex for his sperm + Alex tells how he feels about Izzie

GA 3x20 MerDer

Izzie Stevens - Stand In The Rain

GA 3x19 MerDer

GA 3x18 MerDer

Alex/Izzie 5x19 Part 2

Alex/Izzie 5x19 Part 1

Grey's Anatomy the Proposal Derek and Meredith from Elevator cinta Letters

Callie & Arizona in 5.19

Season 5 Episode 19

Cristina tells Alex and Bailey about Izzie's cancer

Greys anatomy- musik viedo- bittersweet symphony

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (from Grey's Anatomy)

Alex Izzie What Goes Around Comes Around

Alex & Izzie - Season 5 ~ Live Like You're Dying

Addison - kupu-kupu

GA 3x25 MerDer

'Grey's Anatomy''s Cristina Gets Strangled!

Cristina/Owen -- Out of my league

George / Bailey: "What do now?"

In the wings

Greys Anatomy season 5 musik video

Grey's Anatomy - Meredith & Derek - Missing

Cristina Yang & Owen Hunt - If Your Not The One (Grey's Anatomy)

MerDer --- Pretty Girl


Stand in the rain Meredith Grey

Mark & Lexie Temporary Insanity

Kevin McKidd interview [Owen/Cristina sneak peek 5x19]

Derek & Meredith

GA 3x20 MerDer

GA 3x19 MerDer

GA 3x18 MerDer

Alex & Izzie - 2.09

Alex & Izzie - 2.10

Alex & Izzie - 2.12

Alex & Izzie - 2.13

Alex & Izzie - 2.14

Alex & Izzie - 2.16

Alex/Izzie - Almost Lover

Alex & Izzie

izzie&alex - Crazy For This Girl

Grey's Anatomy 5x19 Elevator cinta letter Promo

Grey's Anatomy - Guardian malaikat (Couple's)

Grey's Anatomy - 5.19 - Elevator cinta Letter - Canadian CTV Promo

GA 3x17 MerDer

Mark and Lexie - Wounderful Surprise


Mark/Lexie-It's the only one you've got

Mark & Lexie - beautiful in my eyes

Mark and Lexie: ciuman the Girl

Mark & Lexie - Feel This

Mark&Lexie - Just So anda Know

Mark/Lexie It's anda

Mark & Lexie-wonderful surprise

Mark+Lexie // After Glow

Lexie and Mark - the only desire that I would not want

meredith grey & derek shepherd (maroon 5 - if i never see your face again)

Meredith and Derek - Song Beneath The Song

Meredith/Derek It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Meredith & Derek ~ The Way I Loved anda

meredith and derek- unbreakable

Meredith/Derek (Sober)

Meredith/Derek - Slipped Away

Meredith&Derek - l want your crapy bayi

Meredith & Derek - What hurts the most

Derek and Meredith - This i swear

Meredith/Derek - I will follow anda into the dark

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd

Meredith/Derek - Halo