why louis dimucci is my favorit guy? the reason why is i really dont know! lol i know he is hot, a good singer, and really funny!!!!! he just is i guess!!!! i guess cause he is a little nicer to michael than the other 3 guys!!! he doesnt really judge him atau others!! i think he dresses better than the other 3 guys too!!!

my favorit song is do it for our country!! i guess cause he sings it and its for our country at the time!! lol actually its about trying to get sex from his girlfriend but i like the other way better!!! lol i cinta everything about louis dimucci he is soooooooooo hot,awesome, and funny!! he says my favorit line too!!! "SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BOY AND GIRL DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT SELF"!!! and lifts up a rabbit!! lol cinta ya louis dimucci!!