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 Serena & Blair
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Friendly Encounters- Chapter Nine

“What’s phase two?”
He smirked. “Phase two is to see how much we are attracted to each other.”
She returned his smirk. “Don’t we already know that?”
Chuck placed his hand on her thigh. “We know that we want each other with a passion that is insane, that how crazy it is. But I want to find out how far we can go without stopping. Because if I stop anda when we’re about to have sex, anda know that means that I’m totally falling for you, Blair.”
His words melted her heart. “So, if we go back to your place and anda don’t stop me that means that...
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Temptation of the Best Kind- Chapter One

His brain was addled from the lack of sleep, but even in his semi conscious state he knew what he had done. He only prayed that it had only been a dream. That would be his only excuse. It had to of only been a dream, right? He would never have had sex with his best friend’s girlfriend and not only that, but he was the one that took her virginity.
Fuck. Who was he really kidding? He was Chuck bas, bass and he knew he would do it if he wanted too, nothing ever stopped him. Chuck slowly pried his eyes open and found that he was lying on his side in the middle...
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posted by DefineDelicate
I will wait for Him

By DefineDelicate

Dear Diary,

I feel so foolish. Here I am 3am and I’m menulis pages filled of useless information, but I didn’t want to forget this day. And I feel like if I don’t write it now it will be wash away like the rest of my Memories, only I feel like this one is rather important. I want to remember every touch. Every emotion that I know went though me in the last few hours.

I feel so alone, yet overjoyed at the same time. I know I should be screaming because feelings were laid out, but yet even as I write this I feel a tear. a stupid Majestic Tear. I’m clearly...
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