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SNSD’s Yoona finds her doppelganger in Malaysia?
SNSD’s Yoona is currently drawing a lot of attention with her doppelganger.

An online community diposting pictures with the caption, “A Malaysian girl looks like Yoona.”

In the picture, a Malaysian girl is wearing her traditional clothes. Her eyes and eyebrows look just like Yoona and it surprised many people.

Her milky white skin and smile are also a lot like Yoona. The girl previously received considerable attention as Yoona’s doppelganger on Facebook.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She was not Yoona?” “People will believe that she is Yoona.” “They really look alike.” “Yoona is still prettier though.”

SNSD is currently holding the ’2013 SNSD Arena Tour,’ which started on February 9 in Kobe.
In this issue sinar, ray Magazine prepared 100 pertanyaan for the girls, SNSD brightly answered them all and anda can read them below.

9th March 1989
Interests: Movie, Music, Book reviews
With outstanding bernyanyi skills

Q1. What are the charms of SNSD that anda know as a member of the group?
It’s our simplicity and frankness and how we behave naturally all the time.

Q2. What is the song anda would sing for people in love?
I will recommend “Born to be a lady”.

Q3. Who are the people anda consider to be your allies?
It’s our fans. They always give us support and the energy to produce the selanjutnya album....
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