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 Taeyeon , Jessica and Sunny!
Taeyeon , Jessica and Sunny!
Hey sones! As anda all know , soon , on August the 5th this tahun , it's SNSD's 7th Anniversary! Wow , it's already been 7 years with them! In this artikel I will write about SNSD and add your sweet messages and anda in it too! There will be lebih parts so in the komentar , write a message for their 7th anniversary that I can add to my 3rd part of this article! Hope anda enjoy this early article! I will write the other 2 parts soon! Please look meneruskan, ke depan to it! ^^

Taeyeon (Our dorky leader)

First of all , our dorky but amazing leader , Taeyeon! Here are some messages some sones wrote about why they cinta her! And some Taegangers will be mentioned as well!

"Taeyeon - She is the reason why I never give up atau stop being hilarious. Also she is a very great leader that still makes SNSD active today and tomorrow." - K-PopXD

"Taeyeon - she's good leader, she looks caring and sweet, and tampil lot of cinta to fan and members." - leva0311

Taegangers :

Some amazing taegangers will be mentioned and reasons anda berkata about why they're such great fans!

link- Super sweet and kind, one of the first people I met when I first joined Fanpop. - Syltre

link - kind, nice, has good personality beside that she's big Tae fan. - leva0311

link - really seemed to me a great Taeganger - denise333

link - I know only one that is active is Sone9Emi, I can say, I have never spoken to but she seems like a nice and friendly person, I can say that she is not as biased as others can be, and also see that she really loves Taeyeon, it's a great Taeganger. - denise333

 Kim Taeyeon
Kim Taeyeon

Jessica (The ice princess)

Now we have our warm ice princess , Sica!

"Why I Like Jessica: Well, I like the fact that she's opposite of what people think she is. It just shows that anda can't judge a book oleh its cover. Plus, she's super shy, which is a bit unusual for an idol, but I can relate to her in that way, since I'm usually shy." - snsdlover4ever

"Jessica - well she's my bias, I cinta her laziness, we both have similarities. Also she looks cold outside she's actually sweet and warm person. She's beautiful, funny, cute, has unique voice...I JUST ADORE HER." - leva0311

Gorjess Spazzers

Here are some gorjess spazzers and why they're so awesome!

link - Ah April-unnie!~ Where do I begin? She was the ultimate Jessica-biased fan, and it breaks my jantung that she's leaving. </3 - snsdlover4ever

link - I have never spoken to her, almost never active, but from what little I see she's a great Gorjess Spazzers she is friendly when give a comment, it is also not very skewed. - denise333

link - She seems like a friendly and amazing person. Kind , nice , friendly and a great Gorjess Spazzer! - kpop4everlover

Well, I can say that they are nice and respectful too.I haven't that much contact to Gorjess Spazzers, but they seem cool. - sandra311

 Jung Soo Yeon
Jung Soo Yeon

Sunny (The group's cutie)

Last but not least for this artikel , our cutie Sunny!

"I usually give the ones that are underrated higher places on my bias lists, because they're really outshined in their groups, and people fail to realize that they still have some talent. Maybe even lebih than the members that get attention. I really like how Sunny can fit any concept, appearance-wise and musically. She can really adjust easily to different concepts." - snsdlover4ever

"Sunny: Sunny Bunny is a really cute and funny girl. I really like it that she showed us over the years that she is sexy too (I just say the "3" Cover from Britney Spears). Soemtimes I think she is a little bit underrated when it comes to bernyanyi because I think thst she has a good voice." - sandra311

Sunshiners :

Time for our bright sunshiners!

link - Seriously...I cinta her so much! Amazing friend and sunshiner! She is a REALLY good contributor to this club and friendly to all. Her artikel are jjang! I can't even describe her with words!...♥ :) - kpop4everlover

link - She's new, but I really, really like her! We basically have a lot of things in common, and she's not that biased. - snsdlover4ever

link - Not very active anymore but judging from komentar and forums, she is a great contributor and nice person.

I think that here on fanpop aren't alot of active Sunshiners (what a shame) but the few ones are very cool and friendly. - sandra311

 Lee Sun Kyu
Lee Sun Kyu

Hope anda enjoyed part 1! ^^
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some of the gals bernyanyi a natal song for the fan :D (there's also beg and other people haha)
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It looks like I am menulis it for myself...but still I have to make this clear,I cinta Sunny and that is the purpose of menulis this article.

Sunny, also known as SNSD’s “energy pill” is probably the cutest female in K-Pop. Everything from her small, bunny-like appearance, to her gross perfect aegyo, to her sincere jantung make Sunny a treasure. We find that many people actually like Sunny; they respect her I-don’t-care-how-I-look personality, her bravery and her good-hearted nature. One of our favorit Sunny moments is when Taeyeon was kidnapped on stage oleh some fan, and Sunny was the...
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So here is my rankings and why I chose them,

1. Jessica, I know a lot of people think Taeyeon is the best singer but I like Jessica's higher pitch (if that's the right word to describe it). Also, she is an amazing singer.
2. Taeyeon, Of course, Taeyeon has to be somewhere near the top. Originally, I always considered Taeyeon to be the best singer...until I listened to them individually sing. As in, I focused on what they were bernyanyi not just the song overall.
3. Sunny, She's a good singer and she sings in a higher pitch like Jessica.
4. Seohyun, She is very good at bernyanyi also.
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This was the first favorit video i saw of Jessica last tahun back when she was my favorite^^ i thought she looked really pretty in this video,and she still is(:
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