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( Hi I am here with a story. In this where ever is ‘I’ please consider yourself there )
Mei was busy with her laptop, Tia and Rocket were sitting in a corner D’jok and Thank were enjoying funny performance of Micro Ice. Ahito was sleeping and I was sitting in one corner waiting for Sinned. There was a loud sound coming from another room. Arch was scolding Sinned for his deeds he did in match. When he came he was a bit angry but when I went there he looked with his caring eyes and berkata “hey l’ll sis I’ll come to take you. Till then live here coz my life is kinda unsettled…” like a brother he was about to say something but D’jok pulled me back saying “ ooooh really, just mind your life Sinned we can take care of her” God knows why Sinned eyes were wet but he looked at me and smiled and bade me goodbye.
selanjutnya hari I woke up and found everyone around my small tempat tidur with some gifts and a cake. As I opened my eyes they shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I plastered an artificial smile and looked out of window. There I saw Sinned standing. He ran away. I wore the dress he gifted me. I took cake I made for him and went out. I knew where he would be.
I directly went to the pantai where we used to play football. There I found him. He turned back and berkata “oh.. hey …. I mean happy birthday sis”
“see ya I made this on my own.”
“I don’t know if I should dare to taste it…heeheee its delicious.. is it leftover?”
“No way anda are the first one to taste it...” I shouted,
“Well hows your elder bro D’jok?” he asked…we chuckled and I replied “hes good” “see I am searching for some job and I’ll really come to take anda back I promise” his eyes were again tampilkan those emotions which he used to hide behind a mask. He berkata “hey heres your b’day gift”. I told him that I wanted to spend this hari with him. He smiled and berkata “dear sis we’ll spend life together but not today please. Go they’ll be waiting for you”.
As I opened that I found a set of earrings. In evening I wore the dress matching with those earrings. Micro ice berkata in his usual tone “you are looking better than Mei” “better than who…?” berkata Mei and everyone began to laugh. I stood near to the door waiting for Sinned to come. He came with good news that he got a job and berkata “I’ll gabung that job selanjutnya day, but it will take few days to come back and to….” “No problem.” I berkata before he completed his sentence coz I believed him it was just not trust between us but it was bonding of two souls… I made wrong it was bonding of a soul in two bodies. He turned back and like malaikat of darkness he vanished in his dark ‘kingdom’.
I really wanted to sit with those snow kids but I couldn’t. When I sat near them, their conversations used to bounce my head, so I used to recall past with Sin (sinned). In those memories I lived I ate I slept and if that hari Sin wouldn’t have I would have died in those memories. I woke up when I felt touch of someone whom I know.. I saw Sin standing holding my hand to take me away from this world where they don’t know whom they cinta and what they should do… who never understand… I stood and moved with him and for the first time Rocket berkata “go if anda really want to go coz our happiness lies in yours…e the same…\take care...Love ya girl” and I… I walked out after those long 4 months waiting for Sin to come and take me to stars…away from this darkness of light