Note: Frozen is not owned and created oleh me.

Princess Anna and queen Elsa planned on going to a baseball game the selanjutnya day. Anna started dreaming about what would happen.

Anna's Dream:

Anna and Elsa were near the baseball stadium. Anna was wearing a baseball outfit and Elsa was wearing a fancy dress.

Anna berkata "Hi Elsa."

Elsa berkata "Hi Anna. What's up?"

Anna berkata "I was talking to the managers. They berkata they are being paid to promote some animated film called Captain Underpants. However they don't know how to promote it so I will help them."

Elsa berkata "What are anda going to do?"

Anna berkata "I'm going to run around the baseball stadium in my underpants."

Elsa facepalmed and berkata "Please don't actually do it."

Anna smiled and berkata "Why not?"

Elsa berkata "We have a reputation and dignity."

Anna berkata "I've never had dignity. It'll be fun."

Elsa berkata "But you'll be made fun of."

Anna berkata "Let it go."

Elsa berkata "Well I guess it will "help" the baseball stadium."

Anna berkata "You should run around with me."

Elsa proudly berkata "A dignified queen like myself would never run around in public dressed so immodestly."

Anna shrugged and berkata "Well I'm glad I'm not a queen."

The game was getting close to getting started. Several people were there including the Duke of Weselton.

A commercial guy started advertising the Captain celana dalam, celana film. Then Anna ran to the baseball field while only wearing her underthings and a red cape. The crowd was shocked. Some people gasped and other people were amused.

The Duke of Weselton angrily berkata "You can't dress like that in public anda monster! There are kids here."

Anna berkata "Well Captain celana dalam, celana is a kids' film so your argument fails as hard as your trade business." Anna ran around the baseball stadium. The crowd clapped and laughed.

Elsa was watching what was going on. She berkata "Anna seems to be having so much fun. The crowd seems to be laughing with her instead of at her. If I wasn't so stuck up I could have fun like her." She looked at the fancy dress she was wearing and berkata "I'm going to prove to Anna that I can be as fun as her."

Anna finished running around the stadium. She stood around while the crowd cheered. Suddenly Elsa ran to the baseball field in her underthings. Everybody was surprised. Elsa was embarrassed, but she playfully ran around the baseball field. The crowd clapped and laughed.

The Duke of Weselton berkata "This is like a horror show."

Elsa stood selanjutnya to Anna. Anna jokingly berkata "You copied my outfit."

Anna and Elsa stayed in their celana dalam, celana while watching the baseball game and signing autographs. Both the baseball stadium and the companies raised lots of money.

The selanjutnya morning Anna woke up and told Elsa her dream. Anna berkata "Don't I have a fun imagination?" Elsa face palmed.