Frozen is a really populer 2013 disney animated film. The film has several characters including 4 antagonists. This is my review of the Frozen antagonists.

Prince Hans:

Prince Hans is from the Southern Isles. Hans is the main villain. He seems like a good person who loves Princess Anna, but he's actually a kingdom loving villain who's willing to kill people to get what he wants.

I think that Prince Hans shouldn't be the main villain. He was lebih charming and enjoyable when he was pretending to be a good person. However Hans is threatening and smart. Also his main costume is good looking.

The Duke of Weselton:

The Duke is a greedy person who strongly dislikes queen Elsa. The Duke thinks that Elsa is the villain so he wants his henchmen to kill Elsa. The Duke is lebih comedic than Hans.

The Duke is my favorit Frozen character. I think that the Duke should be the film's main villain. The Duke is the film's most entertaining character. His goofiness is enjoyable. Also the Duke is a very cool and threatening villain.

The Duke's henchmen:

The Duke's henchmen are 2 guys who work for the Duke. They're loyal to their boss. They tried to kill Elsa which didn't work out.

The Duke's henchmen are cool. Their fight scene with Elsa is 1 of Frozen's best scenes.