We're dying to see anda two again!
Hi guys, since the movie is under developments, here are my expectations on the sequel.

The Characters' Personalities

I personally felt that the characters will remain the same, however I heard rumours that Elsa will be a lesbian atau will be getting a Prince Charming. I wrote an artikel regarding these two issues, the former had been receiving massive debat on the DP fan club!
If anda personally ask me, I would actually think that disney should make Elsa remain single. I mean, I don't mind giving her a Prince Charming at all, but making her a lesbian, I remain neutral. However, I hope that she has lebih screen-time as we need to get to know her better.
Anna and Kristoff on the other hand, I hope that they still remained the same from the sebelumnya movie. I also hope that they could blossom lebih as a couple, atau shall I say? Teamwork!

The Story

Okay, this is going to be a tough one! Unless, if disney were to tampil us the origins of who is giving Elsa's ice powers. Whether this person is a good atau bad, if it is the latter, it would be interesting to see lebih action in the film!
Secondly, if disney were to introduce us another Icy character. It would be their estranged cousin, the Snow Queen! Like in the TV series, Once Upon a Time. She's an evil queen who will rule Arendelle one day, much like Han's motives.

The Musical Scores & Songs

If the Lopezes are back to do the scores, I would not mind at all. atau even better, Alan Menken! I mean, we all miss him so badly.
But on the hand, I have to give credits to the Lopezes for the Godly overrated 'Let it Go'! So, if they are ask to come back for the sequel, I will be happy.

The Cold Never Bother Me Anyway!

Well, these are my expectations, what do anda think?
The characters themselves are excited.