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Councilman posted on Oct 17, 2009 at 06:39AM
In some cultures dreams are sought after by the use of chemicals found in plants or they are waking dreams known to most as hallucinations. That is vary dangerous not to be able to tell reality from fiction as it's happening. However you can achieve altered dreams through meditations, common herbs, & audio and visual simulations, all without using drugs. Curiously, certain kinds of cheese, such as Stilton, are said to bring about odd and memorable dreams if eaten (around 1 oz.) just before sleep.
Never and I mean never take any illegal substance for any reason, there are those who believe that along with eating cheese even eating pizza just before bed time will alter your dreams. That makes sense if cheese works pizza is full of cheeses.
I get this information from
link and it is all without drugs or alcohol.
I tried the cheese idea with just some very sharp cheddar and I did have a weird dream.
There are those who will argue that dreams are the reality and our "so-called waking hours are not real.
I have had a O.B.E. in connection N.D.E. and it was very very real as it happened and it was not fun for me because of the circumstances. Dreams however are great because in them you can do things you might otherwise not be able to do if you have waking dreams you can control them. When you go to sleep tell yourself you are going to have dream you will take control of and when you do have in mind what you want to do. I decided I was going to escape a monster my father told me was not real after nightmares about it. And the next time it came after me and i was running away I remembered that my father said it was a dream and it a dream you can do anything you want and at that minute I put my arm out front like superman and took off flying away from the monster.
Since that time I have been able to control dreams a dew more times and it's amazing. I recommend the cheese as a test to see if it effects your dreams just for fun.
I would love to hear your thoughts or better the results of your own experiments. It's only food so it should be safe.
This episode made me think about dreams again.
If you haven't seen the 1984 Movie Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid & Kate Capshaw I recommend it. You will hear what I just said about being in control. Good scary at times movie.
 In some cultures dreams are sought after oleh the use of chemicals found in plants atau they are waking d
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BondJBond said…
Okay C-Man I just found this show and came here and who do I find already here? You naturally as usual. You are right about the dreams i heard on C2C what that gut said about food and spices and stuff having effects. I didn't know you had an OBE and an NDE too. Wow you really are old. LOL. Just kidding. I have heard about those things on the C2C show back when it was still a great show and Art Bell was host. It's gone a long way down hill since he left. The new host Noory is a poor replacement and the weekend guy is an idiot, who sounds half there half the time. Except when George Knapp the host on Sundays the whole show suck half the time.
Hey any way I'm going to try the cheese trick and see if I see Aliens or something cool in my dreams.
I kid you a lot but I'm glad you only had a Near Death Experience and not the whole thing.
What was it like?
See what you did I almost forgot why I came here in the first place. The Doctor died because of the dream state he induced in someone else because he cranked up the juice, and there is an old wives tail that if you die in a dream or fall a long way and hit bottom you will die in real life. Well that's not true because I have fallen off of really tall places and hit and just woke up. I also died in a dream and was laying in a coffin watching people throw dirt in on it and I just woke up. So now I'm done.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Councilman said…
There is no way I would listen to anyone who makes claims that if you die in a dream you die for real. The reason being when people die in their sleep it is impossible to know if they were in fact dreaming or not. It's simple logic. You are correct about the down hill nature of C2C as you call it. They spend a lot of time in the hype of nuts & kooks pushing weird and unsubstantiated claims that could have no bases in truth, fact, or logic. Not only that but thy ignore the obvious questions.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu rosie77 said…
what is c2c?