Fringe peter's dreams

rosie77 posted on Oct 16, 2009 at 11:02PM
I think Walter is getting nervous, b/c Peter is starting to dream again, and if he finds out the truth about what was done to him, who knows what will happen. it's getting sooo good.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu courtney7488 said…
I agree! The ending of this episode was so awesome. I really hope Peter finds out the truth about his past soon. I don't know how he will find out, but it's bound to be exciting.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu rosie77 said…
hmmm, but if he does won't that make him hate Walter? I hope not. Walter has done some bad things, but this is a doozy, as far as I am concerned
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Councilman said…
There is no end to the lunacy Walter is capable of doing to Peter as a child. Remember Mr. Bell and Walter both said they intended no harm in what they did to all the children they did who knows wha all to. I think Walter may be helping them on cases but he should be locked up every minute he's not being watched by at least two people one with a gun. Walter is still very dangerous.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu BlackSandals said…
^ I agree.
Peter's nightmare was awesome. Finally I believe we're heading to him knowing about his past.
How do you guys think he's going to react?
lebih dari setahun yang lalu rosie77 said…
to Councilman: u r too funny
as far as peter's past I think this will affect him big, but then Peter's past as a grown up is shady, as far as I can see, from past episoes
lebih dari setahun yang lalu rosie77 said…
but hey, think about it, if u were Peter, would u be mad? I would be, I mean here I am thinking all this time that I am who I am an then I find out I really died a long time ago, and u took the young me from an alternate world? hmmm, shit is gonna hit the fan.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BlackSandals said…
If I were him I would be pissed :x
I mean... sorry son, but I kinda stole you from another reality. lol, poor Pete.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu HillaryC said…
C-Man once again you make sense and i don't think what you said was funny at all. We have no idea what Walter did or didn't do to Peter past the neglect they have covered and what ever Walter told him to get him over the night terrors. I saw what 007 said about getting past his makes sense to me.
I think Walter is a danger to everyone around him. The agent Walter drugged into unconsciousness could easily have died either from the drug because you have a very high percentage of dying every time you are knocked out in a Hospital or he could have struck his head and died from the fall to the concrete floor. I don't remember hearing anything about Walter dragging Peter in from the other side either.
Keep in mind everyone, what ever you are today is the result of every little tiny thing that ever happened to you, good bad or indifferent, and you can't ever change that. That means Peter is who he is and where he is because of everything in his life.
Peter is Mr. Cool isn't he.
 C-Man once again anda make sense and i don't think what anda berkata was funny at all. We have no idea wha
lebih dari setahun yang lalu rosie77 said…
man, it's a question not a debate. no need to go that deep, and i do think what councilman said was funny. Walter is funny, so what he's crazy, it's what makes the show so interesting. all brilliant people are nuts.