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EclecticFan78 posted on Nov 02, 2011 at 01:53AM
Okay Fringe fans. Imagine if you will, all the actors left Fringe and Fox made you the casting director. Which actors and actresses would you cast for the following parts:

Olivia Dunham
Walter Bishop
Peter Bishop
Phillip Broyles
Astrid Farnsworth
Nina Sharp
William Bell

(To make things interesting, no limits on the casting. You can even use celebrities who are no longer with us.)

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclecticFan78 said…
Alrighty, I'll get things started.

Olivia Dunham - Julianne Moore
Walter Bishop - Martin Landau
Peter Bishop - James Franco
Phillip Broyles - Samuel L. Jackson
Astrid Farnsworth - Halle Berry
Nina Sharp - Sigourney Weaver
William Bell - Sean Connery
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
I'm going to do an old fashioned cast. of course, even if they were all alive, this cast would still be impossible for obvious reasons. but this would be cool, nonetheless.

Olivia- Grace Kelly (a young one, obviously)
Walter- Jimmy Stewart (in his later years)
Peter- Cary Grant (in his younger years)
Philip- Sidney Poitier (middle aged)
Astrid- off the top of my head i can't come up with someone from awhile back
Nina- Audrey Hepburn (an older one)
William- Clark Gable (later years)