Fringe Fringe icon Contest♥[Round 1] Pilot [Open]

buffyl0v3r44 posted on Oct 28, 2011 at 07:15PM
I run various Icon competitions on various spots and I thought it would be great to have one here, if your not familiar with how Icon contests work the read on and you will see, here are the rules you should know-

1. A subject for the round is chosen.
- Since I'm new to fringe and don't want any spoilers I will chose the topic for the rounds for a little while and I will mostly go by episode or character.

2. Everyone has 3 days to submit their icons on this forum.
- No stealing icons or you're out of the game.
- Don't use icons you've made in the past
- Icon should be within the size 100x100-200x200, if you go any bigger then 200x200 then it may be hard for me to load them when I put it on pick
- Icons must be square

3. A pick will go up for voting.
- There will be 2 days for voting
- Don't vote for yourself!!!
- Please keep your vote to yourself until the pick is posted.

If who have any further questions regarding this Icon contest then please contact me!

Round 1- Pilot
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu TitanicLeoKate said…
big smile
I'll Join!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu buffyl0v3r44 said…
k great! :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu buffyl0v3r44 said…
here's mine!
 here's mine!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu CZGIronMan said…
what size should be the image?! small medium large?! or doesnt matter?!
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu buffyl0v3r44 said…
big smile
usually 100x100-200x200 but it doesn't matter just as long as it's square and loads fast when I put it up on pick! :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu buffyl0v3r44 said…
come on people join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Here is an entry from me for Round 1, if the contest continues. I've uploaded it to the icon section of this spot too, so that might advertise this contest a little more and get more people involved. Hopefully... Anyway, here is my icon:
 Here is an entry from me for Round 1, if the contest continues. I've uploaded it to the icon section
lebih dari setahun yang lalu buffyl0v3r44 said…
thank you so much for participating! I if I don't get any by the end of the day I will put ours up on pick and hopefully for the next round we will get more people! :)