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EclecticFan78 posted on Oct 02, 2011 at 04:33PM
Alrighty folks, let's put your imaginations to the test. Come up with your own version of an alternate universe and what characteristics, jobs, and such the main cast would have. Come up with as many as you like, the more imaginative the better.

To get the ball rolling.....

The United States is in a state of paranoia. Cameras are everywhere recording our every move. Broyles is now a chief aid to the president. Olivia is tough as nails head of an FBI like organization that regulates crimes off the network (areas that are not video taped) and Astrid is her star field agent. Walter is still with Elizabeth, though Walter has become rather senile and they live next door to Astrid. Astrid having lost her family early on in life often takes solice at Walter and Elizabeth's home and they have become like family. Peter has become a famed scientist, mentored by William Bell, who is constantly thinking up ways to better monitor society. He is self absorbed and distant from his parents.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
cool idea!! hehe, when i first read your post, i was like, isn't the states already like that? i'm probably just being very ignorant though. but cool idea, that sounds like a verse i'd like to see actually. who knows, maybe we'll get lucky! as for my own ideas, i'll have to get back to you and actually think about it a bit before responding.
BTW, are we limited to using only the characters from the show that we've seen thus far? i'm not saying i'd want to create my own character but i also don't want to be restricted.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
okay, this is probably way too long, but i tend to get carried away when writing stories. Now, this idea is partly stolen from the Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Think of this as an origins story.

So the U.S.A. has become super religious everywhere, not just in the South or Jesusland as many call it. You are constantly watched but not with cameras, but by other people. Everyone lives in convent like communities and you rarely have a moment's peace. These communities are surrounded by barb wired fences, with frequent patrols of armed guards and the actual buildings where people live are kept under lock and key. More or less think of a prison. There are few regular jobs anymore and when first brought into a convent you're only job is to learn the ways of the people and how things operate. If you don't behave the way you are supposed to, you get into trouble, and I don't mean you get told off or anything like that. A first offender gets a simple beating, mess up a second time and you get denied food for a week. If you get a third strike though, you are publicly executed as a warning to everyone else. Now, Olivia is a recent addition to one of these communities, she's more or less the same Olivia that we know and love, sans the gun. Also, she never worked for the FBI, but she was a cop for awhile. Her and her sister had been on the run from the law from the very beginning of this religious take over. Unfortunately, her sister was killed when the authorities caught up with them as they tried to cross the border into Canada.

Meanwhile, Astrid has been living in this convent for awhile and as a result is much meeker than the one in the show. She tried to lash out initally but after her second strike, she backed down. Walter and Peter were also on the run from the beginning of this take over and so far have managed to avoid the authorities due to their keen intellect and resourcefulness. Walter also never had pieces of his brain removed so his personality is more similar to Walternate's but he's still fairly funny, just not crazy. They've been hiding out in forested areas where the patrols aren't as heavy or frequent. Though, winter is coming (sorry couldn't resist) and they'll soon have to find an alternate form of shelter if they hope to survive. Left with little option, they have started to slowly make their way by foot up to Canada. The convent that Olivia and Astrid are being held in just so happens to be on their way there. And they've come to the realization that they'll have to go through that community in order to continue forward or else they will be forced to go 50 miles out of their way and they are running low on supplies and time.

Broyles is the leader of a movement to rise up against this take over. He was a General in the military before it all started and he has connections that allowed him and Charlie to escape the country in time. They've set up their base of operations in Toronto. He and Charlie were war buddies and go way back. They weren't about to stand idle as a hostile take over took place. They have been getting some Canadians to help join the resistance but it's hard going as most people (and governments) want to steer clear of any involvement as the States is still a super power. They have also been sending in a few brave souls to do recon to try and determine any weaknesses in the structure of these communities, in the hopes of breaking people out and smuggling them across the border. Broyles has now become enemy number one and if caught, will be promptly publicly executed.

Astrid has been filling Olivia in on how things operate at the convent and needless to say Olivia is not happy. She's been looking for ways to escape since the moment she's landed in there but so far hasn't had any luck spotting weaknesses. Olivia gets into trouble from day one. She handles the beating well that first day. The second day she acts out again and will now go a week without food. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter have been studying the layout of this community and with their combined mental powers have at last discovered a way in. getting out will be another matter though. Olivia continues to act out and actually ends up killing one of the convent leaders. Since she is proving to be so problematic, the authorities have opted to execute her within the hour. The community is led out into the execution area and right before they kill her, Peter and Walter make an appearance. They are dressed as guards and have the guns to match. They hold up the executioner and other guards present and break Olivia free of their grasp. Astrid notices another guard trying to call in for back up but she silences him. This little escapade has filled her with hope and so she decided to fight back once again. Olivia and Astrid also steal some uniforms, this time of high ranking authorities. A few other convent members decide to join the group but most are still too afraid to do anything. The team heads for the exit. With the privilages provided by the rank of the stolen uniforms, they are able to easily escape the community. They steal a car and are now making their way up to Canada.

Yeah, anyways, i've gotten tired of writing, so basically, they'll go through more trials and setbacks but eventually they'll make it across the border. They'll make contact with Broyles and thus begins the Fringe Team, devoted to fighting the evils of this religious take over. In this case, 'crossing over' would mean going across the border into another world.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclecticFan78 said…
Very cool and well thought out idea! I am very impressed at all the details you put into it. Definately not a universe I would want to visit, however, it would be an interesting one to see none-the-less.

As for your earlier question, you don't have to use characters just from the show. Just do your best to give a general idea of who and what their motivations are.

The sky's the limit!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclecticFan78 said…
Here's another idea:

The world has become a very bland place for all our top government leaders have pretty much put a band on our imaginations. Any form of entertainment such as books, TV, and movies are all fact based. The government feels by regulating radical ideas they can keep society in check. This of course has led to massive "underground prisons" to be developed for any offenders. Technology has pretty much come to a stand-still and only government aided inventions to improve the current way of life are allowed and are monitored very closely.

There is, however, sections that go against the grain and believe in "Free Ideas". One person in particular has become a fan favorite in her series of novels which she calls "A Tale of Two Universes." This person's name, Olivia Dunham. Her stories mirror everything that has happened in season's 1 through 3 (with name changes of course) and she has millions of fans wanting to know about the Peter Knight character.

However, the government has found out the secret place where her stories were published and have shut it down altogether. Olivia's main supporter who helped her to publish her stories, Broyles, is captured and tortured for days on end to give up the location of Olivia. He hold's strong and doesn't give in.

We find out that the person who spearheaded this movement against free thinking is none other than Nina Sharp. She is cold and bitter and has ties to people all over the world. She considers Olivia to be a massive threat and goes on a tyranical rampage to find her.

In prison, Broyles comes across an interesting man who lives to invent which landed him in prison to begin with. He is truely fascinated to find out that Broyles knows Olivia Dunham and he loves her stories so much he believes them to be real. Broyles tries to convince him that it is just a work of fiction, however, the inventor, Walter Bishop, truely believes that crossing over to other universes is actually possible. Broyles passes him off as being crazy, however, with time comes to realize Walter just might be speaking the truth. He talks of how Olivia's stories inspired him and how he feels a close conection to the Walter Knight character.

On the outside, Olivia, constantly on the run is still compelled to write more of her story and figure out a way to free her friend Broyles from prison. She comes across what looks like a abandoned campus and takes shelter in the basement. It feels all too familier to her as she realizes it's exactly like the lab Walter Knight had in her stories. Here, she comes across a young woman who claims to be an assistant to a brillant man who is trying to find a way to escape this bleak world. When this woman, Astird, introduces Olivia to this inventor she is instantly smitten with him. The man tells Olivia how her novels inspired him and his father to create a device to an alternate universe much like the one in her novels. Olivia tells him that it was just a work of fiction but as this man tells her his story she sees similarities between the story she imagined and the story this man was telling her. Even his name, Peter, was the same as the character in her stories.

They eventually are found out by a patrol team headed up by a man, Licoln Lee, who ends up betraying his duties as he becomes ammoured with Olivia. He ends up devising a way for them to break Walter and Broyles out of prison, but only if he can go to the alternate universe. They are sucessful in breaking them out, but in the chaos that ensues Peter ends up missing.

So to top it all off, the group ends up going on a massive manhunt to find Peter who is key to operating the machine, while Nina, using her own inventor, William Bell makes super soilders with varied abilities to hunt them down.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu MrBuna said…
That's not really an alternate universe, but I think Fringe in medieval/renaissance could be interesting, like Assassin's Creed. There are the guys from Massive Dynamic (=templars) who try to control all the people, not with technology, but by taking over as many land as possible and fighting against everyone who does not obey them. Our Fringe-Team (=assassins) are the only ones who have the power and will to end their authority by killing one after the other with their own special weapons invented by Walter (=Leonardo DaVinci). And somehow they find out that Massive Dynamic tries to find an ancient device with which they could take control over the whole world, or even destroy it. I don't know, I'm not good at writing stories, maybe someone else wants to write this one in more details. It just came to my mind when I read EclecticFan's post with the knights ;)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
thanks eclecticfan! and i thought i was putting too much detail into mine! your idea is very cool, it kinda reminded me of Equilibrium and Supernatural at the same time.

yeah, Buna, that would be a cool idea too, maybe i'll look into making a story with that ;)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu MrBuna said…
I thought about the parallels between AC & Fringe before, especially this First People / First Civilisation -Thing. And I love the idea of Walter being DaVinci, they are both so crazy :D
And scrubby, it would be really cool if you could make a story with that, yours are great :)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclecticFan78 said…
Very interesting take MrBuna. I really don't know anything about Assassin's Creed but the way you formed your story outline with Fringe is quite creative.

Thanks scrubby21 for the compliment. To be honest I didn't even think about Equilibrium and Supernatural when I was writing. Must have been a subconcious influence. What made me think of the world without imagination was a little known film with Ricky Gervais called "The Invention of Lying" where it's in a world where everyone tells the truth, so basically no imagination.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclecticFan78 said…
Here's another idea I've been tossing around......

In this universe global warming has taken it's toll. The polar icecaps have begun to melt causing the oceans to rise, flooding the coasts and pretty much wiping the state of Florida from the map. New York City is submereged and only the tops of some of the skyscrapers are visable above water level. Developers save the city by water proofing the lower levels and creating entrances above the surface. The city still functions, but instead of cars, people use boats.

We begin with with Walter and William partnering up for their scientific study. Walter ever the family man is a proud husband and father of a HEALTHY young son, Peter.

William on the other hand is more dark and driven. He forms a relationship with Nina Sharp, but will not commit himself fully to her as he seems obsessed with Elizabeth and Peter, unbeknownest to Walter.

William's methods start to run against the morals of Walter especially when he wants to conduct trials on children. Wanting to use Peter as his star canidate, Walter steps in and puts his foot down. Willaim being unrelentless goes ahead with the trials without Peter and using a young Olivia instead. Walter finds out and as the flood waters are rising and the Jacksonville center is being evacuated, William locks Walter in a room to drown. William then escapes with the children.

The flood causes the trials to cease and Olivia was sent back home. She never knew her father and her mother is an alcoholic which ends up claiming her life further down the road, causing Olivia to care for her only sibling, Robert.

Elizabeth Bishop heart broken about Walter's death finds solice with William who steps into the father and husband role. Nina Sharp devestated by his actions takes matters into her own hands taking Walter's private files as well as his corpse and vanishing without a trace.

Peter grows up not knowing the man Walter truely was as William painted his father in a bad light. William and Elizabeth end up giving birth to a daughter named Rose who gained William's sole attention, so much so, Elizabeth leaves and takes Peter without William even giving a second glance.

In years past Nina has built up a company using Walter's private files and has become a driving force in the world.

Peter grew up to be a reckless young man finding ways to bend the law to his own desires.

Olivia, pretty much consumed for making a life for her and her brother grew to become a famous attorney while her brother, despite Olivia's best efforts turned to a life of crime. Through a chain of random events he and Peter end up becoming good friends.

William Bell, having reared Rose in his unorthadox ways, ends up falling victim to a new strain of virus that slowly eats away at you from the inside, muscle, organs, and bone. Rose is extremely smart and is not to be underestimated. Her only weakness is a good cup of tea that her father got her hooked on. (wink, wink)

Doing a favor for her brother Robert, Olivia ends up defending Peter in court and is surprised to find out Massive Dynamic ended up paying her for her services. Peter also shocked by this, with Olivia by his side, go to find out why. Nina meets with them and says she had a personal intrest in the case when Walter Bishop walks in surprising Peter. Turns out, part of Walter's files delt with cryogenics and reanimation which Nina put to use to bring him back.

Meanwhile, Robert falls in with a beautiful woman and basically cuts himself off from family and friends. This woman tells him to find this rare antique clock with an unusual chime and bring it back to her. Robert after years of searching finds the clock to return to find the woman he loves has built up the beginnings of an underground empire. The woman's personality, upon hearing the chime of the clock, became more sinester and she spoke oddly as if she was possessed. She smashes the clock and begins a vendetta against Massive Dynamic stating that it should be "his" company. Robert still very much yearning for her exceptance over-looked the strangeness of her behavior and puts into motion a new series of trials on kidnapped victims.

The story continues as William Bell uses his scientific knowledge through the body of his daughter to wage war on Massive Dynamic. Where Peter and Olivia end up as a couple as do Walter and Nina. Together they use all their talents against the growing forces of Rose aka William Bell.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
@eclecticfan, interesting story but i can't believe you killed Walter off in act 1! as for my other comments, if you haven't seen Equilibrium, it had to do with the government wanting to erase emotions from the world to increase productivity or something like that. in other words, the world was very bland and colourless so to speak. it also reminded me of Supernatural because in that show, there was a character who had been writing books chronicling the 2 main characters lives.
as for writing the story Buna, it could be awhile. i might get around to it today or it could be several days from now. but i will do eventually.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
okay, well Buna, here's the first part to the story. i figured this would be easier to tell in segments than all at once. plus, this way i only have to write a little at a time. =)

Part 1

The Animus 2.0 was her finest acheivement. Astrid Fansworth had spent two years tweaking the original version until she was sure that this one was perfection. Today was the day that she finally got to test it out on a real life subject. His name was Peter Bishop. As she understood it, Peter had been desperate for cash and had willingly signed up to be a guinea pig. Not that he had anything to worry about. The machine would work flawlessy, just as she'd designed it to. Right then, Oliva came in and interrupted her thoughts.
“You ready for this?” she asked.
“I'd say I've prepared enough,” she responded.
“Let's hope so because Peter's here,” she said. Glancing around the room she asked, “Where the hell's Lincoln?”
“I don't know but if he doesn't get here soon, i'll be forced to report him to Dr. Bell.”
“Is that really necessary? The guy probably just got lost, he's only been working here for a week.”
“I'd think someone with an IQ as high as his would be able to follow directions,” she said. They waited another 5 minutes but Lincoln was still a no show. “We can't wait any longer, bring subject 13 in.”
Olivia hurried out the door and returned quickly with Peter in tow.
“Mr. Bishop,” she said. “How nice to finally be meeting you.”
“You too, sweetheart,” he said. “Can't say i'm looking forward to whatever it is you got planned for me. But i'm sure it'll be painless, right?”
“Of course, Mr. Bishop,” she said. “You have absolutely nothing to worry about.” She turned to Olivia. “Would you be so kind as to get Mr. Bishop set up? I'm going to try and contact Lincoln one last time before we start.”
“Sure thing," she said. "Mr. Bishop, could you come over to this chair, please?”
“Right away, sweetheart.”
“Sir, could you please stop calling me that?” she said. “You've been saying that constantly to me since you arrived here ten minutes ago.”
“Have it your way....toots.” Olivia sighed and started hooking him up to the machine, exactly the way Astrid had taught her many times before. When she was done, she looked around the small white room for Astrid but she was nowhere to be found.
“Looks like it's just you and me kid,” Peter said.
“Yes, it would appear so.”
“Since I've got you alone, I was wondering if you'd want to get a cup of joe whenever we finish here?”
“As flattered as I am, Mr.Bishop, I don't think that would be appropriate. You are one of my subjects after all and are probably going to be here awhile.”
“Geez, how long's this thing gonna take?”
“It's hard to say, sir, it depends on how quickly you pick it up.”
“Pick what up?”
“You'll see,” she said. She gave him a slight smirk as this was the first time he seemed a bit uncomfortable. She was purposely being vague to annoy him, as he had annoyed her enough already.
Astrid came back into the room and she was followed by Dr. Bell. William Bell was the overseer of the Animus project. He had been obsessed with it for most of his life, devoting large amounts of time and money into the project. Astrid was his star engineer.
“Hello, Mr. Bishop,” he said. “I'm Dr. Bell. I'm the sponser for this project and I just wanted to see you off and make sure everything goes smoothly."
“Thanks Doc,” he said. “Appreciate it. The sooner this thing's over, the better.”
“Alright, Astrid,” Bell said. “Let's get started. I'll take over Lincoln's job for the time being.”
“Yes, sir," she said. "Olivia, go get yourself hooked up over there.” Olivia walked over to another chair that looked exactly like the one Peter was in. After a few minutes she was ready to go. “Okay, you two, I hope you're ready for this. Just remember your training Olivia.”
“Let's do this thing,” said Peter. Astrid flipped a switch and a surge of electricity shot through the cables attached to the 2 animus devices. Both Peter and Olivia shook a little as it made contact with the head pieces.
The next thing Peter knew, he was in another world.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu MrBuna said…
Wow scrubby that's great! I didn't understand every detail, but I love it :D I'd like to help you writing because I have some ideas too, but I'm really bad at this xD Especially in English.
And pleaase, the part in the animus has to take place in Italy, like in AC2 and Brotherhood. That's one of the best things about AC!
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
well, thanks Buna, i did put a little effort into it. did you notice how i used sweetheart and subject 13 as a nod to the show? what parts didn't you understand? maybe i can explain them to you. and whatever ideas you have, just let me know, i can definitely work them into the storyline seeing as i haven't planned it any further than this yet.

oh yeah, it was definitely going to take place from the 2nd and 3rd games because i never actually played the first one. =)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu scrubby21 said…
Sorry, this took so long Buna. i kinda forgot about it till last night. i'll make up for it by writing the 3rd part today. hope you enjoy!

Part 2

His surroundings were like nothing he had ever experienced before. The sights, sounds and unfortunately the smells were almost overwhelming. All around him there were people, so many noisy people, more people than he had ever seen in such a cramped space. Their combined unwashed body stink was enough to make him gag. He willed himself to not throw up. Once he had gained control of himself, he noticed that everyone was dressed in odd, brightly coloured clothing that looked like it belonged in a museum display for the Renaissance era. The buildings looked really old too, like something you'd see on the Discovery Channel about Italian architecture during the 1500s. Having trouble believing it was all real, he touched the grey bricks lining the crumbling stone wall that he had appeared in front of moments before. Since his hands made contact and he was able to feel the texture of the bricks, he concluded that he wasn't sleeping or hallucinating.
It was then that he noticed a young woman staring at him from across the yard. She smiled at him and beckoned for him to come over. With no better options he hurried as quickly as he could through the sea of bodies, pinching his nose to avoid as much of their smell as possible and gaining a lot of funny looks in the process. The woman took his free hand and led him through a series of narrow passageways until they came to a massive gate that was barred shut. There were far fewer people here, so he was able to breath normally and hear easily as the cacophany of voices was less deafening.
He released his hand from her grip and said “What the hell's going on here, sweetheart? Who are you, anyways?” It came out very strangely, he didn't recognize his voice as it was accented heavily in Italian.
She smirked at him in a familiar way and also starting speaking with an Italian accent. “It's always a surprise to the senses the first time you do this. You've nothing to be ashamed about Mr. Bishop.” Slightly frowning she said, “By the way, I thought I told you to stop calling me that?”
He looked closely at the woman before him but was unable to detect any resemblance to the woman he had met only a short while ago. With his mouth slightly opened he said, “Olivia?”
“What, you don't recognize me, Mr. Bishop? I'm hurt.”
His annoyance at being kept out of the loop finally made him snap and he yelled, “Olivia, cut the crap and tell me what's going on already! And stop calling me Mr. Bishop, will you!”
“As you wish, Peter. This could take awhile, so we should probably sit.” She glanced around the area and spotted a plain brown bench without a backing and gestured for him to follow her lead and sit.
“Now, what would you like to know?”
“For starters, where are we?”
“It's not where, but when. You see Peter, we have just entered into 16th century Italy. The city we are in right now is called Florence.”
“But how is any of this possible?”
“Well, we aren't really here, this is a computer simulation achieved with the use of the animus.”
He gave her a bewildered look so she said, “You know, that fancy looking chair you sat in before, that's the animus.”
“How is it not real though? Everything's so vivid and detailed and I can smell and feel my surroundings.”
“Yes, well, the animus is superior next gen technology that allows our consciousnesses to enter the bodies of our ancestors. That's why I don't look or sound like myself. And neither do you.
For the first time Peter touched his face and realized he had a beard and his clothes were all different to what he had been wearing previously.
“I know it's a lot to process but you'll get used to it soon enough.”
“Whose body am I in?,” he asked.
“His name was Ezio Auditore. He was a high born man who led a very interesting life. You won't find this in any history books but one of his secrets was that he was a highly skilled Assassin. He was pretty much a vigilante, trying to help those who couldn't help themselves and taking out the bad guys. At least, he perceived these people as evil.”
“Sounds like quite the guy. I can see why you choose me now.”
“Yes, it took a lot of research until we finally pinpointed his only living heir. Though, his assassin status isn't the only reason why we needed your help, Peter. You see, Ezio was also rumoured to be involved in a conspiracy, that if proven true, would change our knowledge of the world as we know it. Are you with me so far, Peter?”
Olivia had been spouting out one bizarre fact after another and by this point Peter was just rolling with it. So he just told her to continue her story and if he had any questions he would interject.
“All right then,” she said. “This conspiracy supposedly had to do with a machine that had the power to destroy universes. There were fifty-nine pieces in total that made up its structure. We need you to determine if there is any truth to this legend.”
Peter's eyes were half glazed over and she was pretty certain that he wasn't paying attention anymore. She snapped her fingers in front of his face and he jumped in his seat.
“Geez, what'd you do that for?,” he said in an irritated voice.
“Peter,” she said angrily. “This is very important, you need to actually listen to what i'm saying. The survival of the world could depend on it.”
“You see, it's that right there that makes me think you're nuts. I get the whole computer simulation thing but this whole destruction of the world thing is insane. I wouldn't have thought it of you, Olivia.”
“Look, I bet if you just do this one thing for me right now, you'll see that I am in fact not insane.”
“Alright then,” he said. “I'll try anything once for a beautiful blonde. Though at the moment you're a smokin' hot brunette. What's her name anyways?”
“Enough with the flattery, Peter, we're wasting time. All i'll say right now is that my ancestors name is Caterina Sfzora.” She grasped his hands in hers and said, “Now I need you to focus Peter. This is going to sound very strange but I need you to access Ezio's genetic memories.”
He laughed a little and said, “Okay, sure, i'll get right on that, Olivia. Even if that didn't sound completely insane, how in the hell could I possibly do that if this, (he tugged on his shirt), isn't even real.”
“The animus is a very advanced piece of machinary, Peter. It has the ability to enhance one's mental capabilities so that one can tap into never before imagined avenues of the mind. Scientists have theorized for a long time that our ancestors memories are trapped within the confines of our DNA. The animus has the ability to bring those memories to light.” She squeeszed his hands gently and said, “So, will you try this for me, Peter? I'm sure it will prove a lot of what i've been saying.”
“Man, you're serious, aren't you?” He sighed and closed his eyes to focus. He wasn't really sure what he was supposed to be doing but he just thought the name Ezio over and over again, as well as the machine, in the hopes that something would happen. When he opened his eyes, he shook his head and said, “Sorry, Liv, but nothing's happening.”
“That's because you're not trying hard enough Peter. You need to believe in what you're thinking in order for this to work. Just completely trust what i've said for one moment and you'll be able to access his memories. At least, that's what worked for me, the first time I tried to.”
He closed his eyes again and tried to let his doubts go for a moment, tried to become completely relaxed. Just when he thought he had been unsuccessful again, a faint image popped up into his head. Unsure of what it was, he focused all of his mind on the task at hand. The image became clearer and clearer until he could make out what it was. It looked like some strange metal piece that he had no recollection of ever seeing before. There were markings on the piece but he couldn't make out what they said as they were written in an unknown languange. He focused until his head felt like it would burst but nothing happened so he opened his eyes. Olivia was staring at him with a smile on her face.
“It worked, didn't it?”
“Yeah, but just for a few seconds. I'm not too sure what I saw.”
“Can you describe it for me?”
“Well, it was this weird looking metal piece with strange engravings on it. I don't know what it said.”
Olivia was positively glowing at this news. “Peter, this is very important. I need you to try and recall what these engravings looked like.” She pulled out a piece of paper and pen from her bodice and handed them to him. “Go on,” she said. “Try to draw them.”
Not expecting much, Peter was completely surprised when the words just popped up on the page without any effort on his part. “How did that happen?,” he asked.
“You've started to tap into Ezio's memories. For him, this is all very familiar. Therefore, the images are a cinch to draw. You'll find out soon enough that you can do a whole lot of other things with Ezio's guidance.” She looked around the courtyard and said, “Try climbing up to the top of that building.”
Peter looked at her and laughed. “You've got to be kidding me! That thing's like 20 feet up. How the hell could I possibly scale that without any kind of equipment!”
“Trust me, Peter,” she said. “If Ezio could do it, so can you. You just need to focus on being able to climb it and you'll be able to.”
“Fine, fine.” He squinted at the rock wall and waited for something to happen. Just when he was about to give up, a stream of images flashed before his eyes. He saw a man climbing this same wall and all the footfalls and hand grips he implimented to get to the top. “Okay, let's do this thing!”
He started climbing slowly at first but once Ezio's muscle memory kicked in, Peter found himself at the top in no time whatsoever. “Woah. That was awesome!”
“You can come down now, Peter. We have more important things to discuss.”
Peter just leaped off the building and dived into a bunch of hay. He emerged a moment later, apparantly completely unharmed. “Ezio called that the Eagle Dive.”
“That's great Peter, you seem to be picking this up as quickly as we hoped you would. Now on to business. We've brought you here through many obstacles and at great expense. We have a mission for you Peter. You need to find the pieces to the machine before the other side does, so that we can save our universe. It's going to be very dangerous. Are you ready?”
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okay here's the next part, as promised.

Part 3

“How are they doing, Astrid?”
“Well, sir, by all accounts they seem to be performing quite well. Exceptionally well, if truth be told.”
“That's good to hear. We had high expectations for Mr. Bishop and it's gratifying to know that he is living up to them.” He got up from his chair and walked towards the door. “I have some other business to attend to and you seem to have everything under control, so i'll bid you adieu for now.”
“Dr. Bell,” she called before he left the room. “I was wondering what you were planning to do to Lincoln when he finally shows up here. You aren't going to fire him, are you?”
Astrid had only been working with Lincoln for a week but she had developed a massive crush on him. There was just something about those golden brown curls that was extremely alluring. She was hopeful that she would get to see more of him in the future but was prepared for the worst.
“I'm sorry, Astrid,” he said. “He knew the importance of today's trials and he chose to make himself unavailable. You know my policy on tardiness. He's left me with no choice.”
“I understand completely, sir,” she said sorrowfully.
Dr. Bell didn't seem to notice and left the room. She had managed to hold back her tears until then but now they came bursting forth with a vengeance. Astrid allowed herself a couple of minutes of indulgence in her feelings and then pulled herself together, (like the professional she was), to focus on monitering the subjects. She had to make sure that their vital signs stayed within acceptable ranges. If it looked like they were going into cardiac arrest, she had to terminate the program before real harm came to them. Knowing the dangers that faced them, the likelihood of this was great. So she became vigilant once again.


“Where to next, Peter?”
“According to Ezio's memories, we need to head due west towards the canal. Apparantly there's an underwater passageway that leads towards a secret cache of sorts. There should be several machine pieces there.”
“Alright, let's get going then.”
They started off across the rooftop, landing on the next one with ease and continuing this way until the buildings ran out. Peter descended first and caught Olivia as she fell towards him.
“You really didn't need to do that, you know.”
“What can I say, gallantry isn't dead afterall.”
She punched him in the arm and he dropped her but she didn't land on her ass, her movements were so quick that she twisted into a hand stand and pushed hard off the ground to land on her feet.
“Show off,” he said.
She ignored him and asked, “So where exactly is this passageway you spoke of?”
“It should be right around here somewhere. There was a metal grate with a symbol above it, to signal the entrance.” They looked around for a bit and Peter finally exclaimed, “Over here Olivia, I think i've found it!”
He pointed a few yards away from their current location and low and behold, it looked like what he had been describing.
“Alright, Peter,” she said. “You ready for a swim?”
“Absolutely.” He gestured to the entrance, “Ladies first.”
Once through the underwater passageway, they came to a solid stone wall. Peter walked over to it and squinted for a moment. Then he pushed on a portion of it. There was a loud clunking sound and the wall started to descend into the ground.
“Hidden switches,” he said. “How cliché.”
“Regardless, it's lucky that you knew how to open it. Let's see what we've got.”
They entered a large circular room that was mostly empty except for a small alcove on the far side of it. Olivia started to walk towards it but Peter put his arm out to bar her way.
“I wouldn't do that if I were you. This place gets more cliched by the minute, I'm seeing major traps all over it. Ezio knows the way across though, so just follow my lead and don't step anywhere I don't if you want to keep those pretty little legs of yours.”
They walked in a weaving pattern that took them all over the room until they eventually reached their goal. In the alcove was a locked chest.
“Hmm, how are we going to open this?”
“I thought you'd know how,” she said.
“Yeah, we need a key, which I don't happen to have on me.”
“No problem,” she said. “I've got this part covered.”
Olivia pulled some lock picking gear out of her bodice and Peter couldn't help but say, “Seriously? What don't you keep in there? It's like freaking Mary Poppins' bottomless bag.”
“You've seen Mary Poppins? That's interesting.”
“Don't avoid the question, Olivia.”
“I like to come prepared, okay? Everything I thought I might need, I uploaded to my ancestor's profile before we started today. Afterall, i've had a lot more experience here than you have and I figured this might come in handy.”
“Fine, I get that but why are you keeping it there? Haven't you ever heard of a purse?”
“Peter, we're in the 16th century, there were no such things as purses back then. I wouldn't want to look suspicious now, would I? Besides, this way i'm less likely to lose things if I keep them close.”
“Yeah,” he said winking, “I'd say that's about as close as a person can keep things.”
“Laugh it up will you but without my preparations we'd have been forced into a standstill and we don't have the time to waste.”
“What's the big rush anyways?”
“The big rush, Peter, is that the other side is employing their own methods for finding the machine pieces and we need to find them first if we want to be victorious.”
“Whatever you say. Any luck with the lock?”
“Yes, i've just about got it. This would have been a lot faster if you hadn't been distracting me.”
With one final click the lock fell off. Olivia opened the lid to see what was inside.
“Jackpot!” she shrieked. It echoed around the large room which increased the magnitude of the sound until Peter had to cover his ears.
“Geez, Olivia, do you gotta be so loud?”
“Sorry,” she said. “This moment has been a long time in the making and I guess I got a little over excited.”
“Yeah, I gathered as much. Let me see what all the hub-bub is about, why don't you?”
“Be my guest, you've earned it.”
Peter gazed inside the box and was rather underwhelmed by what he saw. There were five pieces of differently shaped metals present. “It's hard to believe that these things are worth all this trouble.”
“Well, they are, Peter and now we've got to find an awful lot more of them.”
“Right, about that,” he said. “What's the point of finding them here? We can't exactly put them to use in a computer simulation, now can we?”
“No, we can't but we need to be in the animus in order for you to access Ezio's memories. And it'll make it a lot easier to find in our present timeline if we know exactly where to look beforehand. So, that's why we're searching for them here first. Call it a trial run if you will.”
“Wow, what do you know? That's the first thing you've said today that actually makes sense. So I guess we should get going then?”
“Not just yet. I need to upload this location into the database.”
“And you lost me again. How exactly are you going to do that? We're in the computer afterall.”
“Like so,” she said. Olivia pulled back the sleeve of her dress and pressed some buttons into the fancy looking watch around her wrist. “There,” she said. “All done.”
“Oh, that makes perfect sense. You can't carry a purse around with you 'cause that would be suspicious but you can carry around some super high tech device? How come it wasn't in your special hiding place?”
“Shut up, will you? Let's head out, we're done now. The traps are likely still in effect so i'll follow you out again.”
Once they were back on dry land, they took a moment to squeeze out their clothing.
“You wouldn't happen to have a dryer on you by any chance?”
“Very funny. We'll dry off fast enough by running to our next location. Where is that, Peter?”
“Let me see.” He closed his eyes for a few seconds and said, “We need to find a boat or a bridge and head across this canal. We have to get outside the city limits and head towards Venice.”
“That's going to take too long to travel by foot.”
“So you want to steal some horses then?”
“No, I have a better idea.” She smiled and typed something into the device again. The world around them seemed to dissolve into nothingness and before Peter could so much as express his surprise, it reappeared again. But this area was different from the last one.
“What did you just do?”
“Let's just say I sped up our journey sizeably. Welcome to Venice, Peter.”


“They've just left Florence, sir. It appears as though they were successful in finding the pieces. My read-outs are telling me that they've just downloaded the Venice program. Do you want me to follow them?”
“Yes, that would be best. Make sure you stay undetected though. We'll get them to do all the heavy lifting and then make our move when the time is right. Good job so far, Newton.”
“Thank you, sir. Over and out.”
He pulled out a similar device to Olivia's and punched in the coordinates to Venice.
“Time for another round of hide and seek,” he murmered to himself as the world disappeared around him.
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