[b]I may have added some stuff that I made up myself so enjoy.

‘Rapunzel I thought I’d never see anda again berkata Eugene unaware Mother Gothel was behind him. ‘Eugene watch out’Rapunzel berkata as she wanted to tell him that Mother Gothel was behind him. ‘Ahhhhhh’Eugene berkata as he got stabbed in the chest. ‘No’Rapunzel cried.’Now look what anda have done Rapunzell oh don’t worry our secret will die with his’Mother Gothel berkata as she dragged Rapunzel into the secret passage in the tower. ‘No I won’t stop for every menit of the rest of my life I will fight I will never stop trying to get away from anda but if anda let me save him I will go with you’Rapunzel berkata as she tried to help the man she loves. ‘No No Rapunzel’Eugene berkata as he was dying. ‘Just let me heal him and anda and I can be together I promise just like what anda want just ……..let…….me……..heal ……….him’Rapunzel said. Mother Gothel released her and she quickly went to Eugene who was coughing and in pain. ‘Ow’Eugene said. ‘E-Eugene’Rapunzel said. ‘Ow ‘eugene berkata again.’Oh my everything is going to be ok’Rapunzel berkata until Eugene said’No I can’t let anda do this’Eugene said. ‘And I can’t let anda die’Rapunzel said. ‘But I can’t let anda die’Rapunzel berkata . ‘But…….if…….you do this…..then you…….will……..die’he berkata as he was dying on the ground. ‘Hey its going to be alright’Rapunzel berkata to him. ‘Rapunzel wait’he berkata in a dying voice. Suddenly he grabbed the broken mirror and cut all of Rapunzel’s hair off. It turned back to brown.’Eugene what’Rapunzel berkata as she felt her hair. ‘NO what have anda done’Mother Gothel berkata as she was turning back into an old woman again. Suddenly she fell off the tower and apparently died.

Rapunzel quickly went back to Eugene who was unconscious. ‘No no no no no Eugene’Rapunzel berkata as she felt his face. He coughed. ‘No look at me im right here stay with me Eugene’Rapunzel berkata as she held onto his hand and placed it on her head. Flower gleam and glow(’Rapunzel’Eugene said) let your power shine(‘no wait‘ Eugene interrupted her again),make the clock reverse (Rapunzel)bring back what once was mine’What ‘she cried. ‘You were my new dream’Eugene berkata as he touched Rapunzel’s face. ‘And anda were mine’Rapunzel cried. Eugene collapsed and died. Rapunzel was so heartbroken she couldn’t help but cry so she decided to use her last power to heal him and so she sang the healing song. She started to cry and her tear landed on Eugene’s face. All of a sudden the whole room in the tower shined and a healing bunga went straight into Eugene’s cold body. Rapunzel waited until he woke up. ‘Rapunzel’Eugene berkata to Rapunzel who looked very different now as her long blonde hair was chopped off and turned back to its original hair colour. ‘Eugene’she berkata .’Did I ever tell anda I have a thing for brunettes’he berkata in his normal toned voice. ‘Eugene’Rapunzel berkata as she rolled over him and laughed and kissed him.

A few years have passed and Rapunzel who is now 20 decided to marry Eugene.