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Sky's stomach turned as they arrived. Flana ran in the theater.
"Three for Blood and Ashes" Flana said
"Ya mean for" Sonic said. The person handed them tickets and 3-D glasses.
"3-D? YES!" Shadow said. Sky swallowed. The four got there condiments and found seats in the theater. When the movie began, Sky held Shadows hand. Sonic reached over trying to hold Flana's. She pushed him over
"Im trying to see the screen bitch" Sonic tried not to be a fended.
"Whats wrong Sky" Shadow asked.
"Im not a horror movie person".
When the movie ended, they all went home"
 Shadow and his motorcycle
Shadow and his motorcycle
Sky sat on the dipan, sofa listening to her MP3 when she heard Flana.
"YEAH, Shadow's here" Flana yelled. Sky was shaky all over. She wanted to bale on the whole horror movie thing.
"Hey girls, anda ready to go"?
"YEAH" Flana was over existed. Sky swallowed hard, "I g g guess so". Shadow saw the scared in Sky's eyes. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders.
"Don't worry, horror film are fun". Sky still wasn't persuaded. Shadow tosed them helmets.
"Oh please Shadow, anda know i don't ware those things". Sky was quick to fasten hers around her neck. Shadow took off down the road.
"Woo! Slow down Shadow"Sky panicked. She began to turn green.
"Awww" Flana berkata as they slowed down. Soon enough for Sky, they were at the theater.
One day, long yang lalu in the humble city, two hedgehog friends lived together. There names were Sky and Flana. Sky wondered into McDonalds making a terrible hari start. The bff's were eating there lunches laughing and all when Sonic and Shadow walked in.
"Why hello ladies, what are anda up too"?
"Oh nothing much Shadow, just eaten a frie" Sky berkata voice trembling.
"Well can I gabung you"?
"Sure, why not" Flana said. Shadow sat selanjutnya to Sky making Flana jealous.
"So.... are ya free tonight Shadow" Flana asked.
"Yeah why"?
"Well I was hoping anda would wanna go see Blood and Ashes with me and Sky". Sky...
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