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posted by _Lexii23_
Ok so I was membaca over the profil I diposting when I first came on here and I sounded like a Mary-Sue. So I decided to update it now since I grew up a little bit!! XD

Name: Lexii

Gender: female

Age: 23 (irl I'm 14)

Birthday: April 23rd

Description: a pure white ring-tailed kubung, pukang with gray paws and nose. Straight bangs that go across the left side of my face and cover half of my eye, baby blue streak down the middle, never cut evenly at the end. Blue eyes (same color as the streak in my hair) with long eyelashes. Big-ish ears. A long tail with about 7 light grey stripes. Fluffy, feminine figured...
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posted by Rico4ever16
"Keep Holding on"
You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be oleh your side, anda know I'll take your hand, When it gets cold and it feels like the end, There's no place to go, anda know I won't give in, No, I won't give in, Keep holding on, 'Cause anda know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, Just stay strong, 'Cause anda know I'm here for you, I'm here for you, There's nothing anda could say, nothing anda could do, There's no other way when it comes to the truth, So keep holding on, 'Cause anda know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, So far away, I wish anda were here, Before...
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posted by 1Amberpet
Name: Alison yellow Whitner

Birthday: 7/7/1997

Species: Artic berang-berang

Afflations: Mya, Yamcha, Kiriah, Chad, Julie, Brian, Tiggie, Zula, Choatsu, Araisel, Alex, and Princess. (She hasn't met jagung meletus, popcorn yet)

Favorite Color: A neon yellow
Gender: Female

Age: 10

Home: Antartica

Hobby: drawing, fighting, singing, acting, jumping rope, running, writing, and hunting. (So same as sister)

Brother and sister: Chad and Kiriah

Mom and dad: Julie and Brian/Julie's husband.

Little Biogrophy: Ally grew up in captivity, this time not realy a good surrounding but a surounding thats harsh and jantung breaking how they...
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Are y'all ready to see this movie? Also, aren't they sooooo cute as hatchlings???
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