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PR2.0's Alison McNeill interviews fanpop founder Dave Lu at the Silicon Valley Newtech Meetup. He's the third founder she interviews.
dave lu
alison mcneill
Hello fellow Fanpoppers!

Just wanted to alert anda to some baru saja changes made on fanpop as well as a few things that have been on the site for the last couple of weeks that we hadn't necessarily announced officially.

New Navigation Bar
We've changed the navigation bar across the puncak, atas of the site. You'll see a couple of new link up there: kotak masuk and updates. Hopefully this will allow people faster, one-click access to two of the lebih populer profil pages on Fanpop. You'll also notice that a global fanpop cari has been added to the puncak, atas navigation. This was added so that we could provide the next...
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okay straight down to buisness, frankly I dislike picks saying "will anda gabung this spot" atau messages from people advertising sites and spots. If people have a real interest in the spot they will find it themselves, same goes for websites but i understand that there's no point to a spot if your the only member and anda have no one to talk about your passion with and since we're all one big fanpop family the lebih of us the merrier a spot generally is, so rather than whining about it i have decided to offer up some solutions. Although the annoying person with in me still feels the need to put in...
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posted by NocKairu
 My showcase on 03.11.2012
My showcase on 03.11.2012
If anda were looking for information about fanpop hadiah anda probably have seen this link made oleh link. Because this artikel hasn't been updated for a looong time, and many other hadiah have appeared since then, I decided to write continuation for it.

As anda already know, there are different sets of fanpop hadiah in your showcase. First of them is link set: link, link, link, link and link.
The detik is link set: link, link, link, link and link.

Holidays Caps:
The selanjutnya set is called link. anda already know about link, link, link, link, link and link Cap. They were all diberikan for holidays in 2011.
I will...
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posted by Temptasia
I feel like it is time that I tell anda how much anda all mean to me and how fanpop has changed my life. About a tahun yang lalu I became a stay-at-home mom. Which was really a blessing, however a huge stressor in my life was the fact that I had essentially no adult interaction during the hari and no way of really feeling validated. I found fanpop one hari while browsing for Office episodes online. I saw the picks and it looked so fun, that I just had to join! Since then I have spent hours everyday on Fanpop. It is my outlet for all the stresses of being a young mother who is nearly solely responsible...
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 I'm not afraid of you, Ghost!
I'm not afraid of you, Ghost!
So I was hanging out on my computer this evening, watching some video and browsing on Fanpop, when I noticed something that disturbed me. In not one, but two different spots. I discovered several examples of what I believe to be "Ghost Accounts".

"Ghost Accounts" are what I'm calling additional accounts created oleh an already existing fanpop member to skew the results of a pick atau an argument in their favor. I have read things diposting oleh other Fanpoppers suggesting their existence in the past, but hadn't knowingly spotted any for myself. Tonight I believe I spotted three different people doing...
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First and for most I intend no offense here. I suppose anda can also call this artikel 'Why Maturity Is Important'. I don't hate atau even dislike 12 and under users. So please don't get the wrong idea.

First and foremost I agree with it for the simple fact that rules are rules. There's an age for a reason.

And rules are usually in place for safety. In this case it isn't so much physical safety as it is mental safety. I have seen a vast array of young users who couldn't have been older than 8 post gambar of themselves all over. Okay, that's their choice, but it is a little dangerous. I don't...
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 Where do I ask my question?
Where do I ask my question?
This artikel attempts to distinguish what sorts of pertanyaan should be diposting with the different "question" features on Fanpop, and was last edited on 31 March 2009.

Now that fanpop has added another "Ooh! Ooh! I get to ask a question!" feature, the pertanyaan "What is the difference between all these features?" is even lebih appropriate than ever before. One can ask a pertanyaan in a Forum, in a Quiz, in a Pick, atau in an Answer (Request). Which one should be used for a diberikan question?

In summary
To be brief:

* A club's Forum is the best place to ask a pertanyaan that has a single correct answer which...
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