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posted by Jonapello23
Okay, so Hulu has become a real problem recently, with misplaced videos. I know there is already an article. But I wanted to express my own views. Here are link to misplaced videos. Get the Hulu user off of Fanpop!

Okay, so there are ten link of misplaced videos. But thats nothing. Hulu has uploaded hundreds of videos, and many of them are misplaced. If anda find a link to a misplaced video, put it in the comments. Maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of Hulu.
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posted by DrDevience
I have a pet peeve.

As a writer, I have found my stuff diposting on other websites without my permission, and sometimes without so much as a mention that it was MY article... atau a link back to the original. This ticks me off, and it is illegal to do so.

I have not come across this on fanpop with artikel yet, but I have seen it numerous times on images.

Some of the people I adore the most are even doing it. I have to assume innocence here and figure some folks just don't know... so I'ma tell ya ;)

Credit. Credit. Credit. The option to add the foto credit when anda menyerahkan an image is there for a reason....
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posted by megloveskyle
 No lebih nudity and disgusting images!!
No more nudity and disgusting images!!
Please don't post nude atau indecent pictures in any spot. There are children on this website. Please don't post anything anda wouldn't want your own kids to look at. If an actress is being made fun in a picture please don't post that in their spot. And anda should know better than to post naked pictures of them also. There is a place for those gambar and it's called It's disrecpectful to post inhumane pictures of an actress/actor in their spot. This is fanpop not hatepop. Another issue that has been irking me is duplicate images. I know I have accidently diposting duplicates before...
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Im on fanpop everyday now, (like loads of other user' addicted!) I feel i have made a load of new friends, some a lot younger than me, some my own age and some slightly older. I would really like it if we could all use our own pictures as our icon's for a week atau so as i would cinta to put a face to all the username's. I know a lot of anda do use your own picture so this is just for the people like me who don't.

While im here i would like to say a huge thank anda to Dave, Papa, Micheal and Cliff for all your hard work and giving us an amazing website to visit everyday!

Will also thank all anda user's.....Cressida, Kathiria, Megloveskyle, Harold, DrDevience, Benji and so many lebih of you! anda guys rock and make fanpop such a good place to be! :)
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posted by DoctorSpud
 The little website that can and still is.
The little website that can and still is.
With fanpop at it's definite high with the (VERY) baru saja creation of it's own Wikipedia artikel and it's change from beta to complete, I have decided that it is time to write about my own opinion of the site. Please read through and I hope anda will all appreciate my review.
I'm not going to say that there's only one word to describe Fanpop. Because it's a website that dedicates itself to all types of things and people that can differentiate in many ways. And that's part of the greatness of it all. No matter who anda are and what anda love, it's impossible to not be able to talk about things...
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 Dictionaries are a handy tool.
Dictionaries are a handy tool.
One thing that's becoming lebih and lebih prominent as time goes on, is that people online don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling. Now, despite the fact that when on IM atau whatevs, it's really fine to use all of these little abbreviations like "jk" "lol" "atm" etc. etc. etc. Before I get any farther into this uncontrolled rant, let me just say that I do use some internet slang. Most of this, however, are words that I make up. So, whatevs, deelie, yuppers, wazhappenin, etc. etc. etc. I'm not one to use mainstream slang other than "lol" because there is NO replacement for LOL. No,...
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