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...I was bored and experimenting :P
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This fanpop icon might contain venn diagram, diagram venn ini, diagram venn, diagram venn's, and kaset video.

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About 2 weeks ago, there was a pertanyaan on this fan-site, asking which were the most embarrassing things we did here on Fanpop, however, I couldn't answer it because "apparently" my answer was far too long. As a result, I have decided to write an artikel about it, instead.

Before we begin, I want to make a disclaimer that most of the things I'll be talking about revolve around Disney's Frozen, since that's the thing I was obsessed with when I became a fanpop member.

I've been here on fanpop since November of 2014, and I've made some pretty embarrassing things myself. Here they are:

1.In November...
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this is soooo funny u have 2 c it
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G'day Fanpoppers! Hope anda are all well.
I've just swooped in to give anda guys an explanation as to why I have left the site last week.
Firstly, many thanks to those of anda who emailed me wanting to know what had happened to my profile. Some thought my account had been hacked,others assumed I had been suspended as a user. To be totally honest, I wasn't in any mood to reply to numerous emails indiviually nor did I want to bother with explanations.
However,this link was linked to my account on facebook yesterday oleh a fellow Fanpopper, so I thought the decent thing to do was answer this myself.
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Now that lebih klub have the ability to create official icon & banner picks, I thought my link on the subject could use a little revision.

Why does it matter, anda ask? It's important to remember that fanpop is a community, and should do things as a group. Randomly starting a poling for a new icon, banner atau background is rude to other club members. Making icon and banners takes time, and the first options (likely made oleh the person who started the poll) are diberikan the unfair advantage of being there the longest. Early voters aren't likely to check back in every hari to see if new options have...
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Hi everyone, this is Handy Kristina McDandy here to help anda figure out how to are a sweet profil picture to your fanpop account!!! It is very simple, even though it took me a few months to figure out how =|. Anyway, let's get started!

Log in to your fanpop account and go to your profile. Click on "Photos" and upload a picture. Add a caption if anda want, then menyerahkan the picture.

=-O ! Oh my goodness, I missed a step! 😬! If anda want to make the picture anda uploaded your profil picture, anda have to check the box at the bottom <(^>^)>.

Have a great day, and remember to

Be a fan of this



And follow me!

Have a great day, everyone!!! cinta anda guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤
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