hey guys i couldn't really find a link atau anything about the fanpop chat, so this is basically my guide about the functions, a bit about etiquette and a few tips thrown in here and there. I have also researched a daftar of all the meebo emotions and all the different keyboard shortcuts for the users that where asking, hopefully some of anda will find it useful. anda don't need to check everything out, although it appears lengthier than it is, everything is, as always set in to subheadings for those of anda who like to scan artikel :D, enjoy.

The rooms

The rooms are ran oleh a company called meebo and we now have quite a few of them. There is of course the main fanpop room which can be accessed from the homepage on the right just above the kuiz atau from this link

They're are a few other rooms and i believe there have been requests for more, these rooms below can all be accessed oleh the link below atau from the spot halaman awal page, again on the right above the kuis pertanyaan and forums. If anda open a chat from a halaman awal page rather than the link, it will open in it's own seperate box instead of tab atau new window. The other rooms are;





The Functions

The chat is nice and simple and fairly easy to use , so this may seem slightly patronising to some people but i have been asked a couple of things before and in doing research i have also found a couple of things out myself, so i thought i would write all of the functions and my findings down.

The Colors-The user names in the chat are several different colors, there seems to be no meaning to this and are completley random. anda can change your color if anda really wish to do so oleh signing in and out. anda can sign in and out oleh either simply refreshing the page atau oleh clicking the small green button in the puncak, atas right corner.

Warns-You can warn someone oleh hovering over their username. Warns are designed to literally warn a user when they are behaving badly e.g. spamming, abusive language. fanpop was told that if a user was warned over a certain amount of times they would be "muted" aka they would not be allowed to type anymore in the chat. There are a couple of users though who have been warned so many times, one user over 50 times! so if anda get warned for nothing (yes there are some out there immature enough to do that for fun) don't worry about it. If anda do get warned though it's always worth membaca your last couple of messages to see if anda could have been doing something to annoy atau upset a fellow user. Warns are completely anonymous, even if anda use the warn button in a private message it will appear in the main chat not the PM.

PMs-Again to personally message someone anda can hover over their username. Only the two of anda can see that conversation and anda can not invite other users. anda can warn and block someone directly from the PM box. As berkata above any warns done via the PM box will appear in the main chat. If anda block someone and then send them a private message it automatically unblocks them. Anything written in private message will not be censored.

Blocking-Again to block someone anda hover over their profile. When anda block someone anda can no longer see anything they write in chat neither will anda see anything they message to you, if anda unblock them the messages will NOT reappear. anda can unblock them the exact same way, messaging someone will also unblock them. When anda have been blocked your self anda will not know, it will be completley unknown to other users also. A user will stay blocked even if anda sign off and then back on again.

Censoring-Meebo chat rooms have fairly strict censors and a lot of stuff can set them off, just for reference here's a couple of words anda might not expect to be censored

-Homo("Homosexual" will appear as "****sexual")


-penis and vagina

-niga (so if anda write "alyson hanigan" it appears as "alyson ha****n")


-sh it (yes even if anda make a luar angkasa in the middle it will bintang it out e.g. "finish it" will appear as "fini****")

and oh yes "dick mobil van, van dyke" will appear as "**** mobil van, van ****"

These are just stupid stuff but obviously anda can get around these oleh typing with spaces inbetween letters e.g. say anda wished to talk about "q u e e r as folk" anda would have to talk like that so people can see what anda talking about.

When anda type a message anda will be able to see what anda have written but others it will appear starred, except for in private messages where everything is uncensored.

A Couple of Little Extras

The chat does have sound, the on/off button can be seen in the bottom left. When someone types on the main chat it will make a small click, when someone PMs anda it will make a bleep noise. I find this useful if anda enter the chat and are the only user in the chat, anda can then turn the sound so when someone else comes in anda will hear them and not miss them. It is also useful if your PMing lebih than one user.

anda can access a fanpopper's profil again oleh hovering over their name

When anda first enter the chat anda can read about half a page of conversation to catch up with what has been said

There is a small smiley face to the right of your message box, this allows anda to add certain smilies to your message. For a full daftar see below.

My Opinion on Etiquette

These are just a couple of etiquette suggestions, from my own opinion and from what i have gathered from others, they are in no way rules just something to consider.

Spamming-Spam can be anything from repeating the same comment, sending the same link over and over atau simply just menulis gibberish. It is annoying and unnecessary just like any kind of spam and may be a reason for warnings atau being blocked. If someone excessively does this after being warned and informed i suggest anda laporan them via their profile.

Chat speak-Although i understand fully this is a chat room, fanpop still has many users who's first language is not english and it will be hard enough for some of them to follow the speed of the chatroom without the difficulties of chat speak as well so please try and avoid it. Though I'm sure everyone understands that typing quickly often leads to mistakes....I, myself will probably make loads in this proof read article...my apologies for any :S

Specific Rooms-There have been specific chat rooms created so people can talk about specific topics with out annoying other chatters, these are mentioned above. If there is not a specific chat room for your interest and there is only one person in the room anda wish to talk about this topic to, anda can always send them a private message. If the room is pretty much membagi, split then i suggest asking the F4 for another specific chat room and in the mean while trying to find a empty chat room. There is normally one somewhere and i see no harm in using it untill lebih fan enter.

Warns-Warning someone for no reason is not clever and as i stated above seems to result in nothing. Do not do this it's annoying to other chatters and it's frankly completely pointless. Warnings are reserved to tampil people they are not behaving properly in the chat. If anda really have a problem with someone about something like spamming the chat, i suggest anda block them and laporan them on their profil and add some notes so the fanpop team know why.

emotions/emotes/smilies-Emotes atau emotions atau smilies, what ever anda want to call them can be fun and a good way to communicate something quickly atau most importantly to express anda tone, something not done easily through chat. However although i realise finding new emotes is exciting for some of you, it does become very spam like and annoying if anda test them all out repeatably.

Full daftar of emotions/emotes/smilies

Below is a full daftar of meebo smilies and all the shortcuts to them. I would have diposting this as a link but i couldn't find a full daftar where all of them worked correctly, so oleh combining different lists and sources and testing shortcuts oleh messaging myself (oh yes I'm crazy) I have managed to put this together.
Oh I also couldn't find gambar for them all so some are my makeshift paint stuff so my apologies for the weird looking ones, they do look better on chat, I assure you.

The Emotes Box
These are the emotes that anda can find in the box to the right of the message box, as mentioned above. Although i realize anda can already use all of these I thought it would be useful to add the other shortcuts for them as some are easier to type than atau others atau than clicking on the box.

- (smile) :) :-) =) =-)

- :D :-D (grin)

- (cool) B) B-) 8) 8-)

- :-> :>

- (arr) (arrr) (pirate)

- (wink)

- :P :-P

- (lol) x-D X-D :)) LOL

- :S :-S :s :-s

- :-* :*

- (sarcasm) /:) /:-)

- (neutral) :| :-|

- :T :-T

- :x :X :-X :-x

- (sad) :( :-(

- :'D

- :'(

- (hmm)

- :\

- (emo) //:|

- (rapper)

- :)>-

- (ninja)

- (skull)

- (pacman)

- (ghost)

- (m) 8(|)

- (panda)

- :@)

other faces

- (angel) O:)

- (evil) (devil) >:) >>:) >>:-) >:-)

- (mad) >>:( >:( >>:-( >:-(

- (angry) >:o

- (eek) (shock) (yikes) :o :O :-o

- :-B :B :-b :b (nerd)

- $) $-) (money)

- :-& +o( (sick)

- L-) (loser)

- |-) (sleepy)

- (liar) :^o :^O

- (beaten) b-(

- (O_O) (O.O)

- (o.O) (O.o)

- (nerdpirate)

random stuff

- (love) (l)

- (unlove) (u)

- (bender)

- (genderbender)

- (doraemon)

- (ultimatefrisbee)

- (rockyou)

I would just like to say special thanks to gerley123, DarkSarcasm, pollyloveshouse and spotty_vision21 for helping me test a couple of things in the chat room.

Also thanks to meebo, wikipedia and computer-erase for some of the information in this artikel as well as a quick mention to David Vignoni who designed and created all the emotions shown above.

If anyone knows of any other atau new spot specific chat rooms, emotes atau features atau is just has a pertanyaan atau is still confused oleh something could anda please komentar as i would like to keep this as updated and informative as possible, thankyou :D