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posted by karlyluvsam
Video montages fun

Do anda like Harry Potter ? Do anda like Twlight ? Ever go on anda tube & see fanvideos . There called Video Montages & they are a lot of fun to make. The key to a successful montage , is using the right software .Knowing how import & ubah your materials is impotent.

Get started oleh downloading “ google Chrome “ . Now type google chrome type in “ Chrome exertions .org “ in the cari engine . Get the “ youtbe video downloader “ & “ anda tube mp3 downloader “ . anda can just go anda tube & download whatever anda want. Downloads should save your computer nicely , as if anda were saving picture. anda are going to need a video editor. Windows computer come with “Windows Live movie maker “

Windows live movie maker is very simple. First anda should fool around with it a bit , get to know the know it . detik start importing your video & music. anda can find your them In your documents under downloads . If anda left click the files, they will highlight & anda can get lebih than one at a time . Putting your files on thumbnail mode, will make it easier to find .

Finally time now to put your video, together. anda should have your topic & song choice oleh now .Lastly anda want have a lot a video . Break down the video oleh slicing & trimming . Have it fit well into your song . Make pantai the original video clips are on silent. Spice up your video oleh adding beginning & ending titles & transitions .

Once anda have the right software & metrics , fun part begins. Take your time put your heat into . Think about your song with each ubah . Spice up the video with titles & transition . Making fanvideos for your favorit things like Twilight & Harry Potter can be a very enjoyable time .
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we have a project at school and it's about making short films. and this is the trailer of our movie, and the trailer that gets the most tampilan gets a point added in the final grade. so please, please, watch our trailer. THANK anda VERY MUCH!
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posted by tinkerluvr
Picks are a way to state your opinion, atau just find out what other people think. anda might post a pick to find a new icon, atau other's favorit foods. I like the way anda can sometimes add a choice, which makes your opinion different.
Picks may also work as a school project: Example:Question: do anda have a brother/sister? Project: take a survey and see how many people have a brother atau sister.
Picks are a way to state an opinion without starting an argument, atau sometimes they are not to state an opinion.
Adding gambar to picks is fun,too. some gambar are goofy, others can really fit in. It is creative to add images, and some times important, such as if anda ask, "who's cuter?" you'll need to put gambar on the pick.
I like picks becuase they really are a way to state your opinion. They are a reminder that everyone has an opinion.
And that is why I cinta picks.
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Livejournal can be quite confusing for people who don't use it, so here's a short guide including the most important things anda have to think of when crediting icon from livejournal.

Why do I even have to credit?
You won't go to jail if anda don't, but...
1.)People spend quite some time making icon and crediting them is a sign of respect
Think about how anda would feel if anda made some icon and suddenly you'd find them on some other site without your name mentioned anywhere.
2.)So anda repost some pretty icon from livejournal, another fanpopper sees them and wants to see lebih icon from the person...
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