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posted by karlyluvsam
Video montages fun

Do anda like Harry Potter ? Do anda like Twlight ? Ever go on anda tube & see fanvideos . There called Video Montages & they are a lot of fun to make. The key to a successful montage , is using the right software .Knowing how import & ubah your materials is impotent.

Get started oleh downloading “ google Chrome “ . Now type google chrome type in “ Chrome exertions .org “ in the cari engine . Get the “ youtbe video downloader “ & “ anda tube mp3 downloader “ . anda can just go anda tube & download whatever anda want. Downloads should save your computer nicely , as if anda were saving picture. anda are going to need a video editor. Windows computer come with “Windows Live movie maker “

Windows live movie maker is very simple. First anda should fool around with it a bit , get to know the know it . detik start importing your video & music. anda can find your them In your documents under downloads . If anda left click the files, they will highlight & anda can get lebih than one at a time . Putting your files on thumbnail mode, will make it easier to find .

Finally time now to put your video, together. anda should have your topic & song choice oleh now .Lastly anda want have a lot a video . Break down the video oleh slicing & trimming . Have it fit well into your song . Make pantai the original video clips are on silent. Spice up your video oleh adding beginning & ending titles & transitions .

Once anda have the right software & metrics , fun part begins. Take your time put your heat into . Think about your song with each ubah . Spice up the video with titles & transition . Making fanvideos for your favorit things like Twilight & Harry Potter can be a very enjoyable time .
posted by shadelighting1
shadow rub his eyes thinking he was
seeing things looking at shade
but no shade is very real
were did anda come from shade ask shadow
SKYRO a FUTURISC world of the gods
I was in a pod at the time
wen the red chaos zamrud, emerald with 1 of your quills
on it glow bright
I ask my mom dad if I CUD be your
life mate they berkata yes I am your gift shadow
so wen your red chaos zamrud, emerald with
1 of your quill connected together
sent me here to anda in this timeline shadow
what do anda mean this timeline ask shadow
I come from 2000 years silver timeline berkata shade
shadow nod as he pindah over to shade
they chat shade diberikan shadow a hug
ask wood he like to be like him
shadow berkata yes
end of part 3
posted by lightingcyber1
shadow lay with lighting cuddling with there
long tails rap round each other in the
nest like tempat tidur having just having afternoon nap
the weather was hot cool breeze just nice
lighting yawn as he rub his eyes blushing
with shadow holding him aww thought
lighting now diberikan shadow a little ciuman on his
cheek shadow yawn tampilkan his fangs
rub his eyes looking dawn at lighting blushing
aww jerami, hay shades berkata lighting hugging
shadow who blush then SMARK jerami, hay said
shadow mm what time is it ask shadow
12 makan malam time shades berkata lighting who tummy
GRAWL oh berkata lighting blushing
mm I was going to ask wen I got here...
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An Advantage 25 tahun Old Creatives Have Over Everyone Else oleh Jeff Leisawitz via
How A College Student Went From An Investment Banker To Starting An App oleh Blurr Co-Founder Daniel Arvidsson
added by GALAXYMAX43
2012 tahun in reviw
pindah To Los Angeles atau Live A Life Of Regret? oleh Gary W. Goldstein via
los angeles
3 Most Important Traits For Startup Entrepreneurs oleh Blurr CoFounder Daniel Korman
added by GALAXYMAX43
2014 tahun in review
Yeah, I know this is kinda lame, but this is all I could think up! :'(

Just go to an article, (or look the person who anda want to message up) and click their name near the top. fanpop will tampil anda their profil page and scroll down until anda find the "Message" tab. Click it and ...voila!

Just type your message and send it. If they message anda back, your kotak masuk will tell you! Try it!

Sorry if this was lame! :(

But please remember to


Be a fan of this


And subscribe!

Have a great day!!!!!!
posted by shadelighting1
I am shade jolt-lighting the hedgehog
alpha omega male ultimate life form chaos god
age 114 but stop ageing age 14
HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
midnight black zamrud, emerald red quills like
shadow going down his back
zamrud, emerald red round his ruby red eyes
th3d eye on his for head
ice white chest bulu like silver
zamrud, emerald red marks on his quills for head
arms legs
ice white ice blue inhibitor rings with
dark blue shade jolt lighting marks on them
dark blue alpha omega chaos
zamrud, emerald in the middle of each inhibitor rings
ice blue ice white hover shoes
with dark blue shade jolt lighting marks on them
shoes like neo
shade jolt mom midnight dad knight
end of part 2
added by GALAXYMAX43
2010 tahun in review
2013 tahun in review
added by GALAXYMAX43
2011 tahun in review
I can't help but notice lately that a lot of people have been creating Verified fanpop Accounts. At first, I thought it was some kind of program fanpop put in order. Then I realized that it's just another way that people are faking 'celebrity accounts.'

But, real atau not, it's actually a really cool thing to do to your profile! And it's really easy, so anybody can do it!

- Open your profil for editing. In the section where anda would usually put your last name, copy atau type in: ✔ Verified fanpop Account

Congradulations, your officially your actual self^^

Be creative!

Instead of...
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Hello =)

Sit down, shut up and listen to my (pretty much) unnecessary but still quite fun idea #401.
You may laugh afterwards.
But now...Silence and pay attention!

Disclaimer: Yes I admit it, I didn't come up with this idea on my own, I saw something similar years yang lalu on a german website.

Here we go...
Popcoins are virtual fanpop money.
The idea came to my mind when I was thinking about a possibility to change one's username without being able to change it all the time and without having to pay real money.

This is how popcoins would work:
There would be a popcoin symbol right selanjutnya to where the...
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added by AlxanderRfan
Source: alxanderRfan
added by dustfinger
Source: Me screencap thing

Expand viewing answerers to ALL fanpoppers,not just from the fanlist.

Being able to ubah the kuis at all times,and not just the question,but the 4 answers.

Giving lebih creative names for super-quiz milestones,shortening them up a little,and making the current prize visible on the profile.

Giving a time to answer a quiz,people sometimes go on websites to check their answers,it's not fair!

Not making a for number of characters for answers.

Stop deleting kuiz for the wrong reasons,research it first (I know how many kuiz get reported everyday,but it's their job,isn't it?)

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added by 123a
posted by fanpop
This is a quick guide to using the new IM and Chat beta launch.

Rooms Tab:
The global-chat is open to all registered fans.

There is another room that is reserved for users of a certain level, and you'll also see that in the Rooms tab. In the past, we've had a few acak people come in and hit on the people in the chat rooms, so the reserved room should be relatively free of such riff-raff.

Contact Tab:
Setting custom status messages: click on the pencil, and type away!

Turning off chat: Click on the bubble selanjutnya to "I am online" and click on the red "Log out" option on the menu.

Contacts are your mutual...
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