Video montages fun

Do anda like Harry Potter ? Do anda like Twlight ? Ever go on anda tube & see fanvideos . There called Video Montages & they are a lot of fun to make. The key to a successful montage , is using the right software .Knowing how import & ubah your materials is impotent.

Get started oleh downloading “ google Chrome “ . Now type google chrome type in “ Chrome exertions .org “ in the cari engine . Get the “ youtbe video downloader “ & “ anda tube mp3 downloader “ . anda can just go anda tube & download whatever anda want. Downloads should save your computer nicely , as if anda were saving picture. anda are going to need a video editor. Windows computer come with “Windows Live movie maker “

Windows live movie maker is very simple. First anda should fool around with it a bit , get to know the know it . detik start importing your video & music. anda can find your them In your documents under downloads . If anda left click the files, they will highlight & anda can get lebih than one at a time . Putting your files on thumbnail mode, will make it easier to find .

Finally time now to put your video, together. anda should have your topic & song choice oleh now .Lastly anda want have a lot a video . Break down the video oleh slicing & trimming . Have it fit well into your song . Make pantai the original video clips are on silent. Spice up your video oleh adding beginning & ending titles & transitions .

Once anda have the right software & metrics , fun part begins. Take your time put your heat into . Think about your song with each ubah . Spice up the video with titles & transition . Making fanvideos for your favorit things like Twilight & Harry Potter can be a very enjoyable time .