I found a daftar of science fiction fan words that I thought some of anda guys out there in the fanpop domain would enjoy (I've tried to define them in relation to Fanpop):

Actifan : A fan who's active in fandom (by menulis soapbox articles, starting forum etc.)

BNF : a Big Name Fan

Croggle : To shock atau Astound (If someone croggles you, anda are croggled atau becroggled)

Egoboo : An ego boost (the sort caused oleh finding your artikel featured atau someone new being a fan of you)

Egoscan : To skim through an artikel (publication) looking for your name mentioned (like googling yourself)

Faan : A fan who's lebih interested in fandom itself than what they claim to be a fan of

Fafia : An Acronym for a fan who has been 'Forced Away From It All' like if someone has to leave fanpop because of work pressures (They are berkata to be Fafiated)

Fanboy/girl : and Obcessively devoted fan (Think of Comic Book Guy in the Simpsons)

Fangasm : A wave of extreme fan pleasure (like when there is a new unexpected twist atau anda finally see two characters kiss)

FIAWOL : Acronym for 'Fandom Is A Way Of Life' (The slogan for people who believe fandom is really important)

FIJAGH : Acronym for 'Fandom Is Just A Goddam Hobby' (The slogan for people who DON'T Believe fandom is really important)

Fugghead : A stupid person (an insult for fans)

Gafia : An acronym meaning 'Get Away From It All' for someone who is no longer active in fandom (you are berkata to be Gafiated)

Mundane : Someone who is not a fan (like Muggle in Harry Potter)

Mundania : The world of Mundanes

Neofan : Someone new to fandom (like a noob)

Ship : To ship is to pair off two characters romantically

Shipper : A writer of 'Relationship' Fan-fiction (I think this can be used for any fan who proposes a relationship between characters)

SMOF : An acronym for 'Secret Master Of Fandom' atau basically an influential fan.