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fairy tail My puncak, atas three favorit male characters; who do anda like the most?

25 fans picked:
1 ~ Natsu Dragneel
3 - Jellal Fernandes
2 - Gray Fullbuster
 PureHeroine posted ·7 bulan yang lalu
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SilentForce picked 3 - Jellal Fernandes:
posted ·7 bulan yang lalu.
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CodyVenusTrent picked 3 - Jellal Fernandes:
At the moment my favorite is Jellal. (I love all Fairy Tail characters).
posted ·7 bulan yang lalu.
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KEISUKE_URAHARA picked 3 - Jellal Fernandes:
not even a second of hesitation.......he hehe he
posted ·7 bulan yang lalu.
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Lusamine picked 2 - Gray Fullbuster:
Third favorite character overall in FT!
posted ·3 bulan yang lalu.