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Behind These Hazel Eyes oleh Kelly Clarkson
They told anda everything was waiting for you,
They told anda everything was set in stone,
But now you're feeling like a different ending,
Sometimes anda gotta find it on your own.

It's an open book,
A road in reverse,
A brand new hook,
Forget that curse!
It's a Rebel cause,
With a Royal heart,
Rewrite, ignite, restart!

Cause it's your life,
It's your time,
Go meneruskan, ke depan atau rewind!

Cause you're a Royal,
You're a Rebel,
You're lebih than one together,
However anda go Ever in Ever After High,
Royal and Rebel,
You're lebih than one together,
However anda go Ever in Ever After High.

Ever After High,
Pick the lock!...
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fairy queen
One Last Time oleh Ariana Grande
Hakuna Matata oleh Ernie Sabella & Nathan Lane (From Disney's The Lion King)
Looking for my Ever After,
Don't wanna see my dreams get shattered,
Everybody says I have to, got to, wait around just to be rescued,

Not gonna sit alone in a tower,
I'll tampil the world my princess power,
Standing up and I am stronger,
Listen to my jantung 'cause it's getting louder,

This feeling inside,
It's coming alive,
No lebih waiting now,

See the api in our eyes,
It's burning brighter,
Let go of the fear and fly,
Higher and higher,

Rise up - the sky's the now,
At Ever After High,
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh,
Power princess shining bright.

You know we'll play the game,
But we'll do it our own way,
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fairy tale
ever after
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posted by LOLPINKIE123
Long long yang lalu there was a girl named raven queen and she had to follow the Evil Queens rules because.........SHE WAS HER MOTHER if she did something nice the guards would tell her mother. And the new high school tahun started so she went to high school and then....she was so happy she was roommate's with her BFF Madeline Hatter daughter of the mad hatter. and on the detik hari they had legacy hari practice its when they follow their parents destiny as the new Evil queen atau Princess. She raven queen went on stage for practice and before she pledged her destiny she asked Milton grim the principal .....What happens if we don't pledge our destiny he berkata anda WILL disappear and your story will too then she practiced until Milton Grimm berkata selanjutnya then she put on her ultimate cape of darkness.................TO BE CONTINUED
posted by RavenSparrow5
It was Legacy Day. All eyes were on Aisha as she made the most important choice of her story.
"I am Aisha Red. Daughter of the Red Queen. And I pledge...." Aisha started.
Lizzie clapped. "Come on! Do it atau it's off with your head!" She yelled.
"I pledge to follow my destiny as" She continued

Why start with Legacy Day, though? Let's start at the beginning of the school year!

Aisha Red and Crystal Gothel walked into Ever After High.
"So I was thinking I could flip the script a little and get my own kastil, castle after I'm out of the tower." Crystal said.
"Yeah... sure." Aisha said, sadly.
"What's wrong?" Crystal...
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