Justin Trudeau about so far have been able to make a two-legged superhero, a 44-year-old politician just not true to himself when Emma Watson anniversary of women's rights organization surprise guest on stage. The Canadian prime minister - who explained the wrist a reporter what quantum physics is, who is doing yoga and will not allow ban burkinit - the detik anniversary of the founded oleh Emma Watson HeForShe organization Formation gala visited, where participants were surprised also made a speech (the video below starts around 1:10:00), which spoke of feminism and the struggle for gender equality connector on the role of men as well.

"There are few cases in respect of which I am so passionate as a matter HeForShe movement - berkata Trudeau. - This is the demand for gender equality and the need for everyone, both men and women play their part in it and to help us achieve our goals. "

Trudeau, who personally saw Emma Watson's official badge using the HeForShe, berkata that although the organization received the judul the word "champion", he did not feel that this ráillene.

"Kind of weird to think of myself as a 'champion' - berkata the Prime Minister himself a feminist. - I do not think that anyone should earn admiration because he is a man like me - a son, brother, husband, father, political leadership - interested in helping women and girls előremozdítsuk case. I say this because I believe that everyone should be dealt with to create better opportunities for women and girls. "

Justin Trudeau added that the issue of women is everybody's business.

"When women and girls get ahead in life, everyone get ahead in society - berkata Trudeau. - Not only for women's case, everyone's case is concerned. And very, very important that we teach our children because if they grow up in a lebih equal world, they grow up in a better world. "