While most of us still can not discard the Harry Potter, töltögeti the patron-test, which is just now seen the light of day, we expect the latest film and hope the Accursed children megfilmesítéséről, while the Hermione shaping Emma Watson recently left had the whole wizarding world behind.

Miss Watson wand replaced the UN goodwill ambassador title, and fight hard for women's equality. The HeForShe campaign is now two years old and it was high time to start a new project, the Men for Women campaign rethinking. The plan 10x10x10 10 world-renowned universities participate, who will do everything they can to run for their students with equal opportunities and strive to curb the abuses occurring in campuses.

Emma Watson graced the UN headquarters in New York, where another motivational speech. As I have already got used to it, the actress wore head to toe made of sustainable materials pieces. The HeForShe detik anniversary gala evening she thanked a pretty white assembly, the success achieved so far: "I feel that the closer compared to two years yang lalu to a world in which women and men are equal ... and I know that in every HeForShe (male for the woman) played a role. "