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A criticism of Mubarak and his so-called "democratic" government.
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Pick up from Muscat port for a full hari discovery jeep excursion to Nizwa and Jebel Akhder. First anda will visit Nizwa Souq and Fort, it is about 165 km from Muscat which is about an jam and a half, the road pass through many Wilayats like Bidbid, Samail, and Izki. The ancient souq of Nizwa is still bustling with activity today and together with the fort, they draw many visitors to the area.The fort at Nizwa dates back to the middle of the 17th century and the earth-filled central stone tower is full of sneaky traps. Then drive to Wadi Muaydin and discover the magnificent surroundings and...
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Pick up from to Istanbul port for 6 hours sightseeing tour in istanbul city. First visit Dolmabahce Palace an imperial structure that for the first time looked to Western model rather than to the lebih traditional Ottoman style of building. It was the administrative center of the late Ottoman Empire. then anda will get around Ortakoy district one of the nicest neighborhoods of Besiktas districts, right under the first Bosphorus Bridge. Continue to Galata Tower it is a 55 meter tower providing a panoramic view of the old town. Galata Tower is one of the oldest of its kind in the world, constructed...
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Pick up from Izmir hotel to visit the modern city of Izmir. It is the provincial capital of western Turkey and the third-largest city in the country. The city stands at a central position on the western coast of Asia Minor in the splendid Gulf of Izmir (Izmir Körfezi), which forms one of the finest bays in the Aegean region. anda will visit the the Oriental Tower Clock which at lebih than 100 years old is amongst the city’s most historical attractions, best place for a panoramic city view. We will visit the Archaeological Museum which houses many artifacts found in the Agora then continue...
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Pick up from Izmir hotel to enjoy a full hari sightseeing tour in Ephesus city. It is considered one of the great outdoor museums of Turkey, in fact perhaps of the world. It is also considered one of the best preserved classical city of the Eastern Mediterranean, and among the best places in the world enabling one to genuinely ‘soak in’ the atmosphere of Roman times. anda will visit Odeon, State Agora, The Prytaneion, Domitian Square, Hercules Gate, The air mancur of Trajan, Temple of Hadrian, Celsius Library, the Gymnasium, the Grand Theatre, the Arcadian Way and finally anda will handicraft center to have a presentation about authentic Turkish arts. Return back to your hotel in Izmir.

Pick up from your hotel in Muscat to enjoy Wadi Shab. anda will also visit the fishing village of Quriyat. Proceed to visit the Bimah Sinkhole, a spectacular limestone crater that had been created many years ago.
Continue driving to Wadi Shab which is is a canyon type valley with flowing water throughout the year. A long walk past the green grass, pisang and mangga trees along the narrow winding, old rock paths will bring anda to a series of streams and pools. Here also anda will enjoy the pre packed pisnic lunch. Return along the lovely mountainous scenery until the white beaches of Finns and to the village of Dibab. Return to Muscat oleh late afternoon.