Scene 1. Hospital
(Its night and both stacey and The baby are awake Ryan walks in holding a box of choclates and a bottle of shapane)

RYAN : jerami, hay how are anda doing today (sit down)

STACEY : Fine incept mum is Making fuce that i'm ever holding her the wrong way atau i gota breast feed god their getting on my nerves

RYAN : They care for anda stacey and i do

(Stacey smiles when jeanine walks in holding her red purse)

JEANINE : jerami, hay everbody hows everyone today , How that little brat what ever hjis name is i don't care

RYAN : Jeannine what the hell are anda doing here no one wonts anda alright no get it thought to that think skull i don't cinta anda anymore

STACEY : No anda slag get out anda heard me (*scream) Get out

JEANINE : No i'm not going without ryan

RYAN : Just go please

JEANNINE : (Go up into Stace's face) why do anda care about him jerami, hay why anda dirty pefetic mug of a women do anda know what i'm Glad Brandle's Dead for what he put up with

(Stacey slaps Jeannine and ryan stops them form fight)

RYAN : Caulm down anda two

JEANNINE : (Shout) Tell me why anda care for him

STACEY : (Shout) Because he's the father