Danielle's Diary oleh Adia Rose is an amazing new fan fiction, danielle is alive and hiding in the square, she watches all the goings on in the square and is shocked to see how Ronnie, Stacey and all the other eastenders characters are acting.

Here is the first article, "I’m back on the Square. My whole body feels exhausted, it has taken me so long to get here. All I want to do is run to Ronnie and throw my arms around her, I can still feel what it was like when she held me. I can still hear her voice telling me everything would be ok. It wasn’t though was it. It breaks my jantung that I can’t see her, can’t speak to her can’t even let her know that I’m ok, that what happened that night wasn’t what she thought.

I’m here mum. Please don’t have forgotten me.

at 6:17am"

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