A quick invitation to invite anda to an exclusive speaking event at Balls Brothers Minster Exchange!
Ross Kemp the BAFTA award-winning actor, penulis and journalist who, since his Eastenders days, has received international recognition for his documentary series investigating gangs around the world and the war in Afghanistan is at Minster Exchange this June 29th.
Ross will be speaking at a three course lunch in one of our private events rooms sharing his insight and experiences in an open and honest presentation and taking pertanyaan in a Q and A session with the audience.

Tickets to this exclusive speaking are available, including a fantastic three course lunch prepared oleh the Minster Exchange chefs.
Prices for tickets are £700 for a group of ten, or, £90 each.

Book to secure anda atau your friends tickets oleh contacting Minster Exchange on: 0207 283 2838 atau email minster.court@novusleisure.com