Once upon a time, there was a girl, her name was Jessica. she was born on the detik of may. Just as when The Rock was born. she was his biggest fan since his debut. People were calling her crazy, insane, stupid, etc. because she loved Dwayne like a freak! she was crazy about him. but there was something.. she hated, his wife! Dany Garcia! she actually hated her because she was jelious of her, she was really falling INLOVE with him. When they got divorced, she wanted to be happy but she couldn't.. she felt sorry for him, because she thought that he loved her so much. And he may be sad because they got divorced.
Everytime she gets in her home, she says: IF anda SMMMELLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING. instead of saying hi to her mother! She walks, and saying things he always says. repeating his quotes, and every single thing.
She never missed anything for him. wwe matches, his movies, his interviews, and every single thing. Even she always draw his brows in her book, he always play with his brows. he used to play with his right brow, sadly , she only can play with her left brow! eveyday she was training to play with her right brow, to be like him....
Someday, her mother took her to Hollywood, She was walking at the Hollywood streets, she had a lot of fun, suddenly, at a glance,she saw Dwayne Johnson. She looked at him, her jantung was beating so hard, and fast as if it was racing, her body was shaking, and a tear fell from her eyes. She couldn't believe her eyes, she didn't know what to do. She felt like fainting, and she felt like she's gonna die. She lost her contorl, fell down. she fainted. She saw everything was black, weird things happening. Later, she opened her eyes, she turned her head at the left side, saw her mother and brother and her friend, she smiled and said: "mom, where am I?" her mother said: "don't worry, anda were a little bit tired and anda fainted.." then she replied: "oh mom, anda won't belive it! I actually had a dream that I saw Dwayne Johnson!!!" her mother smiled, and raised her head and smiled. Jessica looked at the right side, and saw The Rock! She couldn't move, smile, atau do anything else. for one jam she couldn't believe it. then he berkata Hi to her, she couldn't replay him, she kept looking at his eyes. he smiled, she went INSANE, she loves his smile lebih than anything and she couldn't believe that actually smiled at her! she said:"people! is this real? am I dreaming? he berkata no. She kept looking at him, not believing that he is infront of her! then they got out of the hospital together, her family berkata that they will go, her mother wanted her to have fun with him, she pretended that she has work to do, so the family has gone. And there's only The Rock and jess! so he took a walk with her, they chatted, she couldn't take her eyes of him. he talks, she can't replay properly, she was lost in his face, and SEXY body. then it was time for her to go home, he took her home. before she go in, they had a chat.
Dwayne: so, am I gonna see anda again?
jesscia: I HOPE SO!!!!!!!!
Dwayne: hhhh, I think I'll be able to see you. anda see, I have a party at my house tomorrow, would anda like to come over?
jesscia: *in her mind she was scraming and saying OOOOOOHHH MMMYYY GGOOOOOD I'M GONNA DIE!!* well, *she smiled* I think I will.....
Dwayne: that's good, so i'll see anda tomorrow.
jessica: okay..
Dwayne: see you.. *smiled and walked away.*
jessica: b.b.b.bbye.....
then she go inside her home, she shouted SO HIGH, she was crying and screaming, and laughing and dancing and everything, she fell in cinta with him even lebih and more!! her family was laughing at her becase she looked funny! the selanjutnya day, she went to buy some stuff for the party, she bought some cute, awesome clothes, and hot. she wanted to take his attention. so then she went to the party, saw him, and she skipped a beat when she saw him. he said:" oh so anda came! welcome honey!"
she replayed: "thanks!" berkata while her jantung was going crazy.
then she was sitting at the table, waiting for him to give her attention, he actually didn't.. she glanced him, sitting with other girls, and laughing so hard, girls were so beautiful and crazy about him, she cried so hard because she was jealous! she cried, went to the toilet to put some make up because it all gone with the tears. she got out from the toilet, and saw him, she smiled, a fake smile. he felt something was wrong. he asked her if she was okay, she berkata that eveything was fine. so he stayed with her, and chatted. then a beautiful song played, good for dancing.. he smiled, and took a look at her, and said: May I have this dance:)? she was like: O____O.. me?! he berkata yea.. let's dance. he took her oleh the hand and start dancing, they danced. he was SO TALL and she was SO SHORT. she was thinking: OOOHHH HOW HOT IS THAT................
Then she suddenly, put her head on his shoulder, and he smiled. she said: dwayne.. he replaied: yeah? she cried.. and said: I know that this would be the last time to see you, i've been dreaming for this so long, and the end has to come, I can't believe I'm saying this because I'm gonna skip a beat hhh, so I'm gonna take my chance..... I cinta anda lebih than anyone in this world:').......
He was shocked, it wasn't the first time he hears I cinta anda from girls, but this was the time when he actually felt that it was really from the bottom of her heart. he felt it so hard. his eyes was filled with tears but he wiped it so she can't see it. he replied to her saying: this is the first time I actuallt felt how much a person actually loved me.. she smiled. then the song finished, they went to sit down. suddenly, she felt her jantung was stopping! and Dwayne was so scared. he hold her, he was trying everything he could, but he lost her. suddenly, she sees her self in her room, she was sitting one hour, not being able to pindah and screaming: OH MY GOD i'm alive! then she remembered Dwayne, She shouted, wondering where is he? then she realised that it was only a DREAM! she cried all over the day, crying so hard that she didn't talk, eat, atau even drink water! and in the coming days, she was really sad that they didn't have a kiss.