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I cinta this friggin song!

It ain't fading!
Maan I gotta let it out!
Am I crazy!?
Screaming, nothing ever comes out!
I keep feeling, lost!
I'll never find my way out!
I'm not thanking, them!
Unless the truth can pour out!

Give me some courage!
Beating me down now for some time!
Are anda laughing, am I funny?
I hate inside.

I'll take this time!
To let out what's inside!
Cuz I will break!
Sometimes I wish you'd die!
Full of sorrow!
You raped and mencuri my pride!
And all this hate!
Is bottled up inside!

My heart's breaking!
Maan anda really ripped it out!
You take...
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 john stamos
john stamos
fresh prince of bel air
that 70's show
full house
saved oleh the bell
how i met your mother
malcolm in the middle
two guys a girl and a pizza place
beverly hills, 90210
the bernie mac show
dharma and greg
buffy the vampire slayer
according to jim
melrose place
family ties
sabrina the teenage witch
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La storia della Arcana Famiglia



K project


No. 6


DRAMAtical Murder

Akame ga Kill!

Blood Lad

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Strike the Blood

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist


it's all i can remember i guess..~

As anda look through my window
Deep into my room

At the tapestries all faded

Their vague and distant glories
Concealed in the gloom

The icy fingers of forgotten passions
Softly brushing my lips
At the tips of my primitive soul
As anda look through my door
Deep into my room

Can anda feel the mighty dinding of power
It's waiting waiting in the glow....

The distant shadows of forgotten champions
Those who live in me still

And will rise when we challenge and kill

Born again
You'll be born again...

Look at this prince of evil

Fighting for your mind...
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hello ~

i have lots of stuff about Gnr :)
a pillow
a mug / the mug unfortunately got broken oleh my little cousin
another mug see pic (the one with guitar)
2 necklaces
ipad case
one t-shirt
a clock
hope anda guys make a komentar i would like to know what anda think :)
Song: Khaab
Artist: Akhil ft. Parmish Verma

Main jadon tere khwaaban wale raah tureya
Main tureya bada na maithon jawein mudeya
O jive rehnde panne naal panne judd de
Main ravaan tere naal ohna wangu judeya

When I started walking on the path of your dreams
I walked alot and I just couldn't turn around
You know how pages are connected in a book
I am connected with anda just like that

Main likhda hunda si tere baare adiye
Jaa ke puchle gawah ne taare adiye
Jo karde mazak ohna hass lainde
Jo taane kassde ohna nu kass lainde

Sweetheart, I used to write about you
You can go ask the stars as they witnessed it
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Movie: Khamoshiyan
Music: Jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Singh
Singer: Arijit Singh

Khamoshiyaan aawaaz hain
Tum sun-ne to aao kabhi
Chhookar tumhe khil jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqaraar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Silences are sounds,
Sometime, come to listen..
They'll blossom oleh just touching you,
Sometime call them home.
They're restless to talk to you,
Let them speak..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyaan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyaan

Silences, yours and mine,
Silences, wrapped around us, silences..

Kya us gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua
Mera samay...
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in real life i tend to listen lebih than i talk
websites i like the most are (fanpop,zerochan,deviantart)
i get irritated easily
i am adventurous,i like discovering new things
i like to be organized
i am a clean freak
my mood changes every 5 menit lol
i only started watching anime last year
i cinta wild binatang such as lions/tigers and snow leopard/snakes
i think spiders are adorable
i rarely put on makeup, i only use lipstick and my favourite is red and peach
i cinta nature and traveling
i like taking cold showers
i enjoy the sight of blood
i like diving
i like heights
yes i...
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✴1 - Tesla - cinta Song


✴ 2 - mobil van, van Morrison - queen of the Slipstream


✴ 3 - Slaughter - Nothin Left To Lose


✴ 4 - Chris Norman - Some Hearts Are Diamonds


✴ 5 - Return - Sing Me a Song


✴ 6 - guns N' Roses-November Rain


✴7 - Joan Jett - cinta Hurts


✴ 8 - metallica - Nothing Else Matters


✴ 9 - Aerosmith - Dream On <3


✴ 10 - Do anda Remember- Phil Collins

Packie: Fuck these people! Fuck your cause! Ireland ain't the only thing green! Dollars are two!
Derrick: Now anda berkata bloody Ireland! That's gonna narrow a cari isn't it!
Packie: Fuck you! Take the needle out of your arm, THEN tell me what to do!

Packie: Anyone else tries that shit and I'll shoot them WAIT between the eyes!

Packie: Well., I'm gonna rob it.. But the guy I'm with isn't very good.. I need someone "better" to watch our backs?... anda in? I hear anda are in need of money, and anda can keep whatever anda find in there.
Connor: I.. I don't know.
Packie: Relax, if...
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I am a large supporter of gay rights, so here's a artikel to prove it in my own way..


Luis Lopez's homosexual boss in GTA 4.
But what I cinta about Tony. Is he's just as tough as anyone else. He isn't a gay stereotype, dancing around with high toned voice, and a low intelligence.
The closest Tony gets to being like this, is in CHINESSE TAKEOUT, cause he wasn't yet use to gunfights, and is cowering in the corner.
But then in the golf court missionactor, "new Tony" is shown shooting at the enemies, just like every...
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"Oh, I LIKE IT denial! That's the first part of the grieving process. Now let's all hold hands"

"Next time don't get in my fuckin face!"

"I'm your fuckin nightmare!"

"This, is, the fuck, my friend"

"I'll rip your fuckin throat open, and stuff a turd down the hole!"

"What's your poblem eh? Why aren't anda scared of me!?"

"Step wait up! Step wait up!"

"Annnd, back to normal. Whatever that is"

"Now go. I need to meditate. Orr, masterbate.. atau both"

"Grrr. I'll tampil anda a fuckin mind fuck!"

"Nothing.. Well, It didn't sound like nothing. Didn't look like nothing. I don't THINK that it was nothing!"...
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Vaas: (shoots Grant in the throat).
Jason: (desperately tries to save him).
Vaas: (his voice is barely heard over Jason trying to save Grant) What, anda want to run? Huh? anda want to run, anda want to disrespect me? anda want to fuck with me? I mean, anda come here, with your... with your pretty-boy face, right, and your pretty-boy phone, your dimwit brother, and anda want to fuck with me. *You want to fuck with me.* I like that - no, I *respect* that. I'm gonna give anda thirty seconds, and if the jungle doesn't eat anda up alive... I will.
Jason: (realizes Grant is dead and looks...
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Michael: Yeah. Because all I did was pull anda out of a trash town and into a mansion in Los Santos.. And what do I get!?.. Nothing., nothing but an old picture of anda in an old Hooker uniform, that I occasionally masterbate towards.
Jimmy: As do I
Micheal: (disgusted) OH MY GOD! That's disguesting! That's your mother!
Jimmy: I'm just being hones-
Micheal: (angrily) Get out! Get out of my house!
Jimmy: Bu-
Micheal: (punches violent hole in wall) I berkata GET OUT!
(later that same evening)
Amanda: I don't like this Micheal.
Jimmy: Yeah.. Uncle T? Man?
Micheal: (glares) Jimmy?... Who...
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posted by Canada24
When SpongeBob didn't give him a present for Valentine's hari (He did but the present didn't come at first) Patrick was upset when he thought Spongebob lied to him. But eventually Patrick went insane over this; nearly destroying the amusement park and threatening the citizens. This is also widely considered to be Patrick's straightest villain role (alongside Rule of Dumb).

When Spongebob pretends to be dumb to make Patrick look smarter in front of his parents, Patrick takes it too far and begins treating Spongebob like he really is dumb. Not only that,...
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posted by stella2015
Janam janam janam saath chalna yunhi
Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho judaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Stay with me like this in every birth
Swear, anda swear come and meet me like this
We're one although we are two separated bodies
Be mine always
Never say good bye

Meri subah ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Only anda are my morning
And only anda are evening
You are pain and only anda are rest
I always worship that
You be mine always
Never say good bye

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☆ ☆ ☆
all are in (Malaysia)

1- the stroberi park

2- bats cave

3- the mall (lol i forgot the name) but there are boats there and anda can feed fucking swans,so cool

4- the kupu-kupu park

5- chin swee caves temple

☆ ☆ ☆
West: It can give the most ordinary of intelligences a remarkable insight.
John: I'll give anda insight -- I'll tampil anda what your guts look like.

French: Ya, keep on talking there, Irish! In about 15 lebih detik your whole world's gonna turn black!
(John Marston walks into the barn)
John: What's up, boys?
(Welsh and French let go of Irish and turn to face John)
Welsh: Fuck off, boyo. This don't concern you!
John: When a man with a sing-song voice tells me to fuck off, it always concerns me, boyo.
French: Look here, this paddy bastard mencuri our gun. Tried to steal our horses. Law is clear on...
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haha when i first joined fanpop
i had no clue what to do atau how things goes around
i honestly hated talking with people mainly because
i was stabbed in the back oleh a best fiend of mine
in real life and i was devastated oleh it
and i hated to talk to people
day after hari as time passes oleh
i moved on and things were going great
i met lots of nice users here who i cinta so much :)
i don't want to mention them because i'll probably forgot to daftar all of them and i don't want to do that
but i am sure anda know who anda are

if it wasn't for my friends on fanpop
i wouldn't know what anime is
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Mark: I used to know this girl who had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it, beat her up so bad she wound up in a hospital on Guerrero Street.
[Johnny laughs]
RiffTrax: Seriously, she's in a coma

Johnny: I'll do anything for anda Lisa
Rifftrax: Wait, so he's a human being?

"In his enraged state, he's able to lift the 65-pound CRT TV as if it were a hollow prop of some sort!"

[As Lisa, Mark and Denny cry over Johnny's bloody corpse]
Rifftrex [as Johnny]: Oh hai, Mark. Hai, Denny. Hai, Lisa. I'm dead, anda know. Ha ha ha. Now that everybody betray me, I'm gonna come back and haunt...
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