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Dear Self

What if anda don’t wake up tomorrow?
What if this is your last hari on this earth?
What if that two menit conversation anda had with your mother two hours ago, was the last time anda ever spoke to her?
What if anda never ever would hear him laugh, see his smile atau talk to him ever again?
What if anda later this night take your last breath?
What then?
Would anda be proud of the life anda have lived?
Will anda regret something that anda did atau did not say?
Would anda be proud of how people would remember you?
Would anda regret not taking lebih chances, atau not telling him what anda really feel for him?

I see a world of darkness and my hands are shaking..
My legs are numb..
My eyes heavy..
My jantung racing..
Blacking out..
Will pills in my hands..
Hoping that they'll end the pain and I'll sleep forever..
Maybe this will be my last goodbye..
My final breath..
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I know what it's like to be scared.
And most people even think I'm brave.
But the don't really see the truth behind my lies.
Because on the inside I'm not the brave cat.
I'm the poor mouse, trapped in the darkness of the corner
But the darkness and the corner is my life.
Because really....

I'm scared of the dark, and that evil will corner my life

I'm scared of being left alone because someone will hurt me

I'm scared of death, even when I look it in the face.

I'm scared of pain, even though I have it.

I'm scared of knives and blades, because I've pulled them lebih than once.

I'm scared of evil, because...
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I stare up at my little red ballon....
Floating above me,
Without a care in the world.
I wish to be like my little red ballon..
I want to fly..
So I can fly away from all the.
Hurt and Pain
And Scars and sadness..
I want to fly away from this colorless world..
And be free..
And just not care
Not care about what everyone thinks
So says atau does..
Just float.
So I berkata to myself..
Why don't anda go learn how to fly?
Why don't anda try to learn?
So anda my be free..
And then I got this crazy I idea that...
What if I jumped from a really high place..
And maybe just maybe I'd just know what to do..
As I walk shaky up to the edge I see a never ending life of sadness in front of me..
But if I look up I see a life of happiness and I now I want to go there...
Just one lebih step..
And I'll fly..
Just like my little red ballon..
And be free..

posted by malmcd
Okay here;s what's going on...

I found help and I made it to a phone in time I was brought to the doctors and ER and whatever.

The reason why I keep on passing out is because I triggered something in my spine that leads to my nerves and I messed it all up. I was also put on some new meds that help with sleep they messed up everything also but also I've been really sad lately..And the reason behind that is some meds I have to take everyday..

I take two pills in the morning because I need help focusing because when I was younger my mind couldn't tell what was fiction and what was reality I would get lost in my mind and sometimes couldn;t find a way out..But as I'm getting older those meds are working against me and in there theres some type of thing that triggers depression so I am no only taking those..

I'm really sick the doctor said..
And another thing,,
I came out..
I told my mother what I'd been doing..
About the pills..
So were working that out to..
posted by malmcd
The blade shines through the darkness
Calling my name
Pretending to be a friend of mine
And I find that i can't resist
It seems so easy
Always being careful
Hiding the scars from the world
And never letting on how much it hurts
When people don't see what's in front of them
I'm invisible to them
And they don't know
How the blade punishes me
Telling me the blood will make it better
But it never does for long
It only makes things worse
Harder to deal with
Harder to keep going
Harder to fight
It's never the right thing to do
But still I find myself falling into the trap
Everytime it gets worse
Days and nights pass
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Chapter 16- The pertanyaan and Caring

    “The Omega Dimension we can’t go there!” berkata Musa
    “Remember the last time we went there!” berkata Timmy
    “We barley made it out!” berkata Flora
    “Were else is it as cold as the Omega Dimension?” Asked Viva
    “There lots of other places were it’s cold!” berkata Stella
    “Like what? Asked Artista.
    “I don’t but I bet there is!” berkata Stella.
    “I promised Lunette...
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