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posted by malmcd
Broken Smile's

We're all broken.
One way atau another.
Like a girl who seemed not to care what other people thought of her really does care.

She cares if people don't like her.
And that they talk about her behind her back.
She say's to herself each night,
"Sorry I'm not pretty enough for you."

No one would find that she was anorexic.
And that she's...
Still looking for help.

But no one came.

We're all broken.
One way atau another.
Like the girl who lives selanjutnya door doesn't she seem SO happy- She isn't.

She scared.
She get's abused each night.
She doesn't think she's strong enough to leave.
So she cry's herself to...
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posted by malmcd
One of my best friends name is Summer Wilson. She crazy funny and people think we're twins. But you'd never think that someone like her would have a sad story for a live...

Summer at the moment is in her detik foster halaman awal with her real sister Sam, her "mother's" name is Heather and "dad's" name is Dan. When anda first meet Heather and Dan anda think there nice and sweet and have a nice halaman awal with a cat and dog and pool, But really something else is going on...Her "parent's" HATE her. I'm not lying atau bending the truth they HATE her and they even berkata it to her face. On the other hand they think...
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posted by malmcd
Millions of Miles Apart

    From the moment your born somewhere out there anda have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same jantung strings as anda and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep anda apart from one another...But what if my one true cinta isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him atau her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
    My name is Sunflower I was born on the...
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posted by malmcd
If tears left scars then the world would know who anda truly are.
For your tears leave scars and it would tampil them how much you've cried and been crying.
It would tampil them your pain and sadness that anda always have tried to keep in
But one hari anda just let it out for know reason...
Maybe it's because your friend turned on you?
Maybe it's because anda long for someone?
Maybe it's because the one anda want most is breaking anda but anda still cinta him in the end?

Maybe it's all of those things...
atau maybe your just hurt and afraid that anda can never fix your self again...

If tears left scars the world would know how much pain your truly in.
They would see that your hurt in lebih ways then one...
They would see the real you...
But until that hari comes
I guess people will just have to hide it away...

Fierce & cinta
Poem Girl
Mallory McDonald
posted by malmcd
I have a new idea for a story I think I would call it Through Her Eyes atau The World Through Her Eyes...anyway the idea fir this new story is...

One hari a girls life crash's...well she gets hit oleh a car! She loses all sit in her eyes well almost. She learns to she the world in a different point of life she learns to help people and change the world
You'll be able to see the world in her eyes a world were no one gets hurt there is no pain atau lies there's harmony and peace...and love.

Come...meet..Alice the girl who see's beauty in every little thing. And she see's beauty in anda two.

Fierce & Love

posted by malmcd
Well I woke up to the sound of silence
The cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight
And I found anda with a bottle of wine
Your head in the curtains
And jantung like the fourth of July

You swore and said
We are not
We are not shining stars
This I know
Cause I never berkata we are

Though I've never been through hell like that
I've closed enough windows
To know anda can never look back

If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone
Carry on
May your past be the sound
Of your feet upon the ground
Carry on

Carry on, carry on

So I met up with some friends
At the edge of the night
At a bar off 75
And we talked and...
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posted by anniewannie

In the beginning, that's the word everyone feels whenever they think of someone special.
cinta is the word that brings people happiness.
It gives them life, meaning, hope and faith because one man and one woman, thinks that they're always going to be together.

But in the end, cinta is nothing. Nothing compared to hatred atau hurt. cinta only causes pain to those who want to be loved.
cinta is breaking someone's jantung whenever anda hear that person say, "I don't cinta you."
cinta brings tears to those who are broken.
cinta always has something else with it.

Sometimes it brings pain.

All those things are what cinta has brought. Though some people fight for their love, evillness came raging back until it overwhelmes anda with such force.

It's normal. It's life. It sometimes feels just right.

cinta sometimes comes with a dream, but leaves with a nightmare.
 What I don't understand is how a person can tell anda so many lies and never feel bad about it.
What I don't understand is how a person can tell you so many lies and never feel bad about it.
 Falling in cinta is like jumping off a really tall building. Your head tells you, "Idiot, you're going to DIE!" But your jantung tells you, "Don't worry Pretty Girl anda can FLY."
Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building. Your head tells you, "Idiot, you're going to DIE!" But your heart tells you, "Don't worry Pretty Girl you can FLY."
 anda can't make the same mistake twice, the detik time. It's not a mistake, it's a CHOICE.
You can't make the same mistake twice, the second time. It's not a mistake, it's a CHOICE.
 anda should know oleh now that when I smile and say "Yeah, I'm fine." It's a code for: "NO! I'm not OKAY and I feel like my world is CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!"
You should know by now that when I smile and say "Yeah, I'm fine." It's a code for: "NO! I'm not OKAY and I feel like my world is CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME!"
 Eventually, anda stop caring. Eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life.
Eventually, you stop caring. Eventually it stops being the most important thing in your life.
posted by LightSoul99
Life is important and it is precious
Without life, all there would be is a giant awan of evil and darkness
There will be no universe and no earth
We wouldn't be here today, if not without God and life's worth

Life is but a fragile type of being
It's not one we must take lightly for we are temporary living
Life is too short to experience such negativities we shed
Don't waste your time on people who don't accept anda from your toes up to your head
God will place hot coals upon them until they realize their mistake

Life is one long, big road with signs
It takes anda to places unexpected, far and wide
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posted by BooBooBear981
Within the furthest reaches of the jantung lies those desires whose name one dares no speak. So seductive, so intoxicating, so indulgent, our most private passions burn at the molten core of our being, luring us to the very highest of ecstasy to the depths of despair. Through the ages, the words impassioned pasangan have transformed a virginal sheet of paper into a sanctuary for a restless heart. Each of the pages in this journal awaits the expression of your own desires- Unedited, Undiluted, Uninhibited.... Abandon yourself....

~IF anda DARE~
posted by allicyn123
Izzy's jantung thumped What's happening?!?! Izzy tried to thrash out of it but nothing happened, and she tried to scream at herself as she walked down the stairs What are you!?!? and a voice rang out in her head in a snake like hissing voice that made her want to cringe My name is Trinsessa, the spirit of dark teachings, and I have been sent here to teach anda what you've wanted for quite a while... Izzy's mind swirled What is that? Trincessa laughed To be evil! Izzy felt a knot in her stomach Someone to teach me? Maybe this is for the best..... as Trincessa walked Izzy down the stairs and...
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posted by allicyn123
Izzt awoke to Dana leaning over her, as she opened her eyes Dana jumped back with a peep.
"izzy anda scared me!"
Izzy smiled, her head hurt, ow. Izzy pulled herself up and almost hit her head on the low ceiling of the nook that she had made halaman awal but quickly stopped herself.
" so your staffire, is, ice!"
Izzy replied " yeah, but the lebih interesting thing is-"
"did anda have a dream!" Dana interrupted and Izzy nodded.
Dana leaned in close to Izzy, oboisly a hint hat she wanted to hear, so Izzy told her, everything, and that she was positive that her and Dana were cousins, when she had finished the...
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posted by Beyal8
The life I am living
seems so unreal,
feels like an
endless scary toil,
as I fight
my deep-rooted fears,
unable to hold back
my tears
I pray that
my mind adheres
and my jantung also hears
my pleas...

I fear
that my soul
is being hoodwinked
oleh my mind
…my mean mind
that is so unkind
It simply delights
in the agony
Though I don’t think
it’s so funny
making me dance
to its tunes
as if I was a bunny...

My dream seems now
like a nightmare
As I feel intense
but bare
Never knew
I had to prepare
…to stare
at dark, starless
missing those
lovely fights
we had…at midnights
those highlights
of our love...
posted by SongGirl50701
Dear Fellow Reader,

Hi! I can't believe that I've been such a lazy pantat, keledai and haven't been texting any new songs. Well, I have two new baru saja songs ready but my lazy self needs to text them on here and I am working on one other song that I believe will shock a lot of readers.
Now, I have been seeing that my friends are having hard times staying alive and well. So, I just have to say that as SG, cay-ray-zee soda jacked me, Dream Diary is always a place to state who anda are.
Dreamers are people like you. They are amazing and make my world beautiful. Fortune and fame is something we all have. For...
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posted by Beyal8
My feelings these days
they are so strange
…they have such a range

Now, I am happy and ecstatic
Then, frightened and frantic...

Now, I dream, hope and desire
Then, all my hopes catch fire...

Now, I want to sing and dance
Then, I just get lost in a trance...

Now, I see all so plain and clear
Then, my vision is blurred oleh a tear...

Now, all I want is to conjugate
Then, I wonder about our fate...

Now, your joy is my only goal
Then, my soul cries for your soul...

My feelings these days
They are so strange
But my cinta for you
…doesn’t change
posted by malmcd
~This song has part's from....

Almost Lover oleh A Fine Frenzy

Forever and Always oleh Parachute~

Your fingertips across my skin
The palm trees swaying in the wind

You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes
Clever trick

I wanted your cinta with all my jantung I had left
But I had to keep promise that I made

Goodbye my almost lover
Goodbye my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't anda just let me be?
So long my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost pasangan always do

But I craved your sweet smile
And your promise filled...
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Seeing the man -chapter 1 ~ Mother? Who is this shadow?~

~ lights off ~
The darkness falls into black and blue
And you've every thing to loose
Its time to break free and stand in your own hands
Magic,turns the lights off as a symbol
One step like a mouse and two steps for a hog
A little girl with dark brown hair walked out of her house. She looked for her mother and saw something. In the forest,beyond the trees and oleh the rocks,a shadow stood there. The shadow was fast and slithered like poision fangs and crawled to the little...
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posted by wolfcat343
There's a story behind all of us
A story sad atau happy
Finding your own story might be difficult
Every hari is a page...

Mysteries can go unsolve-able
But the truths behind shouldn't fade
Its your choice
Are anda going to live in the light atau the shade

Can anda see?
You're menulis every page of your story
Even if it is of pain
Only makes it lebih interesting
STORY PAGES- written oleh wolfcat343

See the stars out tonight?
In this dim moonlight
Would it help at all to keep out of sight?

Show yourself
Be courageous
Stop being ashamed
Come out for your sins have been paid!

You can't erase anda past
Stop trying to make it...
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posted by SongGirl50701
 Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl

"I don't know what I did to deserve this."
"I just want to curl up and just die in the core of the earth."
"I've never felt so alone. I don't know why they called me all those mean names. I just want to fit in."

Soon there will be laughter instead of the voices.
The new ditches are dug with Satin softly speaking towards us to drag the blade.
Names marked on us like banners, but they don't understand decide to cut anda and deny their skill while they tear anda apart.
oh, either way would have been the way to awaken from the depths.

So the malaikat of me dies with the screams of my blood.
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When I blink my eyes open, I'm curled in the teluk, da? window, Anneri Sleeping on my chest. When I wake she stirs and blinks her eyes. "Darka! Finally your awake, it's already noon!" Noo, mom will be gone to work for a pocket of change and Dad'll be out drinking it away. Anneri climbs over me and I sit up warily. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a deck of cards. I laugh softly, Anneri was a wiz at cards mostly, poker. She smiles and opens the deck pulling out a peice of paperwork it and unfolds it. "Well Darka anda better get playing cuz after yesterday's terrible failure it's Anneri 35 and...
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posted by anniewannie
This poem goes out to The Kids Who Are Different

anda should know that bullying hurts
It starts with one word, one word anda blurt
Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear
Do anda know you're their biggest fear?
hari oleh day, anda torment them
It takes a while for their hearts to mend
All they ask for is one true friend
But anda just want to make their life end, make that one wish go away
anda bully them till they can't breathe no lebih
Who are anda trying to satisfy this for?
Everyday they wake up with regret
All they want to do is forget
The words, the names, all that you've...
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