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 Blue Dragon
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Source: my drawing of him
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how to train your dragon
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I've got tons of things on my mind right now, but the most visible is of ELEMENTS mixed with DRAGONS. It's kind of cool, just read this.

Red Dragon = Fire

Blue Dragon = Water

White Dragon = Light and Wind

Black Dragon = Darkness and Spirit

Green Dragon = Earth

This is all from my (little yet big) imagination. I didn't copy atau 'steal' as anda all oh so nicely say it, from anybody. I'm just an ordinary Dragonz fan talking- uh...I mean menulis about her fantasies which are suprisingly sometimes deep and darker than expected...XD

- Karoii-chan
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Long ago, naga met ever other four moons for a All-Together Meeting. Until one night, a dragon destroyed it all...
"Everyone here?" a large green-yellow he-dragon asked. He stretched his long neck to see. He clawed at the air. His eyes flashed around the area of dragons. "Good."
A white she-dragon sighed. "Looking for him, sir?" Her icy blue eyes gave away a cold stare. Then flicked her large white to blue-colored tail at the other dragon. She then spoke once more. "The Ice naga live in peace in the Mountains. But humans have begun to take our land for the emas that we hide for...
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Weeks turned into months. 3 months had passed oleh and Synthia and I were got lebih and lebih closer. We went together out and we were almost always together, where ever we went. When we were at the pond drinking some water, we were kinda close. Our snouts were getting closer and closer, until our tongues touched each other accidentally. We turned our heads quickly away and blushed, but soon we looked each others and started to laugh. We had great time together. Soon that hari was finally passed in the evening. We returned to her cave. I have told about my problems to her, and she listened....
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