The wind started to rush and the fight between goku Vegeta and naruto Sasuke begins… naruto starts to attack goku but goku dodges the attack and counter attacks naruto with a heavy punch. And Vegeta fires his first energy blast to Sasuke but Sasuke blocks it with his sword. Vegeta punches Sasuke,but Sasuke blocks it and blows Vegeta faraway with his shiny sword. But Vegeta manages to break his fall and teleports behind Sasuke and kicks him in his back. On the other hand, naruto is punched oleh Goku. He is thrown faraway oleh Goku’s punch. naruto crashes in a huge rock and the rock breaks completely and falls on Naruto. “How do anda like that, Ninja?!” Says goku loudly. naruto stands straightly. “Agh! Tch! I am gonna take anda down!” Says naruto angrily, “RASENGAAAAN!!!” naruto attacks goku with his Great Ball Rasengan. “Kch! Kamehameha?!” Shrilled goku and tries to block Naruto’s Rasengan. On the other hand, Sasuke is slightly damaged oleh Vegeta’s fierce kick! “haaah! hraah! Y-youuu!” Cries Sasuke. “Hahaha Hahahaha! Is that ALL you’ve got?!” Asks Vegeta proudly…… goku manages to block Naruto’s Great Ball Resangan completely. “H-How could it be?” naruto wonders griefly, “He-he blocked m-my Rasengan?! B-but how?!Now there’s no choice left.I-I have to do it.” naruto spreads his legs and hands. And starts to change. A fierce wind starts to blow. “H-he’s changing.” Says Goku….. Vegeta says from the other side, “ Th-that kid,he’s changing, a-and a tail is growing. Tch! I-is he a S-Saiyan?!” “No, he’s a Jinchuriki….N-Naruto, why?” Says Sasuke. “What’s a Jinchuriki?” Asks Vegeta. “A Jinchuriki is a tailed-beast. There are many kinds of Jinchuriki. And naruto is the strongest of them.( I think)” Explains Sasuke. “And I am also a Jinchuriki. Hmmm, it’s been awhile since…. I have unlocked my powers. So, Saiyan are anda ready to witness my true power?!” And Sasuke also starts to change… “GWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” Both Sasuke and naruto screams. naruto transforms into the Nine-Tailed rubah, fox and Sasuke too transforms. “RAAAARR!!” roars naruto and attacks goku with his stretched tails. naruto then grabs goku and holds him very tightly… goku cries because of his extreme pain. And on the other hand, Vegeta is cornered oleh Sasuke completely. “Agh! Kch! Y-you can transform too. N’ y-your hair’s longer than me!!! And your eyes, they are r-red! ” Says Vegeta… “Now, TAKE THIS! api STYLE, api BALL JUTSU!!” Shrills Sasuke and uses his api ball Jutsu against Vegeta vigorously. The transformed Sasuke burns Vegeta and Vegeta falls on the ground with a wildfire on his body. “ Aghh! Wh-what do y-you th-think, Ninja?” Cries Goku. “Agh! Only anda can transform! We can’t?” “Hraaah?!” Roars Naruto. “WE can transform too! Come on, Kakarot let’s tampil em’ our true p-power!” Says Vegeta. goku fires his energy blast on Naruto’s eyes. And goku manages to escape from Naruto’s clutches. “Yiaaa! Vegeta, fire’s on your body!!!” Moans Goku. Vegeta puts out the api on his body.
With no options left, goku and Vegeta both transforms into Super Saiyans.