Goku's luar angkasa pod landed in the ground, creating a gigantic crater in the earth it smashed into. The entire crowd gathered nearby to see goku emerge. Their friend and savior who they had not seen in quite some time was finally back. goku flew closer to his friends, everyone having an amazing time getting to see him once again, wanting to hear all the stories he had to share and to be with him once more, just like old times.

goku looked at everyone. Something about goku didn't seem normal. He seemed particularly on-edge. "I feel something bad around here..." he announced, as opposed to continuing with the cheery welcomes. He stared down the fighter, "It's not you... No, there's no way you're the bad energy.. I'll have a word with anda in a minute," goku berkata to the fighter.

"Goku, the bad energy is... It's King Cold, Frieza's father. He and Frieza came to Earth several hours ago.. I was able to defeat Frieza, and could have dealt with Cold, but I spared his life... It wouldn't hurt to have him alive.. but I'll explain that to anda later." the fighter explained, somewhat ashamed and preparing himself for whatever ridicule goku may throw at him for his decision. The fighter had some grim news to tell goku very soon. He had to inform him that all that he knows and loves, all that he just got done fighting for on Namek, was going to be destroyed oleh the androids in a matter of years if he didn't act fast.

"Hmm... That's a questionable move, but I trust that anda had a good reason. Where is he, anyway?"

King Cold, overhearing the conversation, descended from the skies he had been hovering over, trying to remain a little unseen. He knew that Gohan and the others could sense his energy and would be able to tell if he tried to do anything mischevious, and therefore did not do so.

"I told him to try to stay under your radar until I explained the situation to him.. I didn't want anda to attack him immediately. I knew you'd pick up on him, but I guess I thought you'd wait long enough for me to explain before getting too concerned," Gohan explained, "but I should have known that anda wouldn't risk us getting hurt."

Knowing he should probably explain himself, King Cold began to speak, "I know you'll never see eye-to-eye with me, however I am grateful for my life being spared, and I'm willing to help out in this cause that this young man has promised is worthy of my time. I don't see a point in living if there's not going to be a galaxy left to conquer afterward, after all."

"I don't think you'll try anything.. You're not stupid. anda know I could take anda out with my hands and feet tied behind my back," goku said. He looked at the fighter, "Now, anda follow me over here.. Tell me lebih about this cause."

goku and the fighter flew off into the distance, still seen oleh the Z Fighters, however they had the privacy that the fighter was hoping for.

"This is really weird having to explain this to you... And you're not going to believe me at first, bu-"

"You're my son and I trust you. I'll believe anything anda have to tell me," goku said, putting his hand on the fighter's shoulder.

The fighter stood, speechless. His identity as Gohan from the future was not as much of a secret as he was hoping for it to be.

Future Gohan, the now-unmasked fighter, began, "F-father... How did anda know?" he began to look up, thinking about the entire situation, and how anticlimactic the revealing of his story had became, "I don't look very much like how I did the last time anda saw my present counterpart on Namek... I'm bigger, stronger, I'm a new person!"

"You're my son, and I can tell that without a doubt oleh looking anda in the eyes. I may not have been the best father in the world, always running off to save the world and leaving anda with your mother sometimes, but I could tell it was anda the moment I stepped out of my luar angkasa pod," goku told Future Gohan, "but there is one thing I'm not too square on right now... Why.. atau how are there two Gohans? I know I'm not known for my intelligence atau anything, but this isn't making a great deal of sense to me..."

"This is the part that's going to be harder to explain... I am Gohan. I am your son.. It's that simple.. What isn't simple is the fact that I am Gohan.. twenty years in the future."

"Whaaat?! How is that possible? You're from the future?!"

"Yes.. I come from a time of great distress, father. As a child, only three years older than the Gohan anda know," Future Gohan pointed to Gohan, who was standing with the others, talking to Piccolo, "I witnessed your horrible death.."

"I died!? How?"

"What killed anda wasn't a mighty monster, atau even a natural disaster.. anda were killed oleh a jantung virus, one that has an almost nonexistent survival rate. Even someone as healthy as anda couldn't take it..." a tear rolled down Future Gohan's face, "I had just gotten halaman awal during your last moments... I had to take care of mother. I was so scared, being in charge of saving the world."

"That's awful... But anda weren't the only one left to defend the Earth.. Vegeta and the others didn't get the virus too, did they?"

"No, they didn't get the virus.. They were killed much lebih horrifically.. In three years, two evil, destructive androids from the Red Ribbon army will arrive, and they will destroy everything in their path, I promise you... They killed everyone - Krillin, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Tien, and even Vegeta."

"How come they didn't kill you?"

"I was able to escape the battle they died in just barely.. I lived with Bulma and her son for quite some time..."

"Bulma has a kid?! Hahaha, that's great! But I guess he had to grow up without his daddy, what with Yamcha dying, right?"

"Actually... Yamcha wasn't the father.."

"Hu? Does Krillin make a pindah on her?"

"No, not him.."

goku jumped back and his voice became high, "Wait! I'm not the father, am I?!"

Gohan had missed his father's sense of humor, "Hahaha, no dad, you're not. Don't worry. The child is half-Saiyan.. His father is Vegeta."

"No way! Vegeta and Bulma!"

"But anda cannot tell them, no matter what. They'll hook up sooner atau later on their own, and then their child, whom they will name Trunks, will be born. If anda tell them about it now, they may intentionally do something to avoid that happening, and I have the feeling that an extra Saiyan being around might help out later on, in a future that even I haven't seen."

"Wait... If there was another half-Saiyan child, why didn't anda take him with anda here to help out? He could probably be of at least some use. I'm sure Vegeta made him start training as soon as he could sit up straight."

"He was a good fighter.. I trained him until a certain point when Bulma and I started working on the time machine behind his back. It was right as we began to realize that Trunks and I wouldn't be enough to defeat the androids on our own. We were both going to travel back here, originally.. I told him to quit his training since we needed him alive and that he simply wasn't strong enough to take them on... He instead snuck out one night to prove me wrong, and ended up dying oleh the cruel metal hands on the androids... I'll never forgive myself."

"Don't beat yourself up about it.. So you're coming here to stop the androids and change the future?"

"In a sense, yes... However, I live in an entirely different universe to this one. We're in separate timelines, if that makes any sense."

"It doesn't make a lick of sense, but continue, Gohan!"

"Heh.. anda haven't changed a bit.. Anyway, if we defeat the androids in this universe, this universe will be saved, however when I return back to my future universe, they'll still be there. I'm here to save anda all, in hopes that anda can have a better future than I can."

"This is a lot to membungkus, bungkus my head around. So.. I'm going to die soon from a little cold?"

"No. That's one of the biggest reasons that I'm here for," Future Gohan reached into his pocket, "to give anda this medicine. Some years after your death, a cure was luckily invented. Here anda go. Just take that whenever anda start to notice yourself getting sick."

"Thanks, son! So when are anda going to tell the others?"

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to start training and preparing soon.. A big reason of why the people of my time weren't able to make it is because the attacks were all of the sudden. anda have three years to get ready for a hell that anda won't be able to escape easily."

"Three years is plenty of time to train and beat up some silly robots! We've got this!" goku cheerily said, as he began doing some short stretch exercises.

"I don't doubt that it'll be easier with anda still around, dad, but they're no joke... But it's time that I head back to my time for a bit to let Bulma know that I made it alright.. I will be back here in roughly three years, ready to fight the androids head-on with all of you."

"Thank you, son... I'll see anda soon."

As Future Gohan approached his time machine, he was confronted oleh Bulma.

"Hey! Are anda leaving?" she asked, somewhat frantic.

"Uh.. Yeah, I was about to head out.. Why do anda ask?"

"As soon as anda got here earlier, I couldn't help but notice the Capsule Corporation logo on your gi. My father is th-"

"Your father is CEO, I know."

"Yeah, I guess I forgot that anda already know just about everything... But what's up with that? Why are anda boasting a logo from us?

"Well... Since Goku's going to tell anda everything soon, I guess I could explain..." Future Gohan began, until he stopped himself. What am I doing? I can't tell her everything until Trunks is born. I can't take any chances on messing up the future over here. he thought, and continued, "Actually, I can't.. I really need to be heading back before long,". He now felt a little embarrassed and rushed to get back to his timeline.

"You still haven't explained yourself. You're a Super Saiyan that knows everything about everyone. You're so weird!"

He couldn't help but see much of Future Bulma from his timeline within her present counterpart. As insane as she could act sometimes, she did seem like a good person and a wonderful mother. She was concerned, caring, and loved to talk.

"Goku will explain everything to anda sometime tonight, I'm sure. He's got a lot of news to give to anda all. I'm terribly sorry that I can't explain everything to you. I know this has got to be weird for you, but I promise everything is going to get better. Please be safe, Bulma. I'll be back."

Future Gohan opened the hatch to his time machine. He glanced to his right, only to see Present Gohan staring at him. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly opened.

"Where are anda going, mister?" he boyishly asked Future Gohan.

"I have to go back halaman awal for a little while, but anda be sure to train extra hard and do everything your father tells anda to while I'm gone, understood?"

"Yes, sir.. But if anda don't mind me asking, who are you, and how did anda get to be so powerful?"

"I used to be just like you, Gohan," Future Gohan couldn't help but realize the literal irony in what he just said, "but then everything in my life changed. I don't want anda to have to go through what I went through in order to become stronger. anda don't have to. You're a tough kid, and anda really showed what you've got today," Future Gohan looked deep into his innocent present counterpart's eyes, "I thought I knew everything about anda before today, but I didn't know anda were capable of that kinda stuff at this age... I'm proud of you."

Present Gohan smiled a little and gave a salute to Future Gohan. He quickly turned around and scampered off to go speak with his father, whom he still had not gotten a great chance to see since his valiant return.

Future Gohan finished climbing into his time machine and began his fast trip back to his timeline, knowing he had done all he could at this point.