"Gah! There's no way! I... I must be seeing things.." the flabbergasted King Cold exclaimed, not believing that a Super Saiyan stood before him.

"The only thing you're seeing is a powerful, vengeful Super Saiyan.." the fighter stated.

King Cold toughened up and collected himself, "Hmph! No matter, then! I'll deal with anda the same way I would have before your little style chan-" King Cold was interrupted oleh the fighter's fist being slammed into his abdomen with amazing force, done in the blink of an eye.

King Cold fell face-first onto the ground after the fighter retracted his arm, "Geh... geh... No way... How... How could someone.. have this much power?"

"That's not even all I'm capable of. anda saw how I dealt with your son before I transformed. anda don't wanna know how badly I can destroy anda while in this form," the fighter added.

"Please... I beg of you... Spare me, and we can... We can rule the galaxy together! Your strength and my name.. We'd be unstoppable," King Cold pleaded, having to lift his face out of the dirt to speak.

The fighter eyed King Cold for a moment, watching him beg for his life. The fighter placed his palm out in front of him, pointing it toward the defeated tyrant. A ball of energy began to charge once lebih in his hand.

"No! Please! Reconsider!"

"Hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" the fighter yelled as he quickly finished charging the ki. He swung his arm back with all of his might and launched the blast with amazing velocity. As it left his hand, he felt his power reserves draining. The heat from the energy had almost burnt his skin. As the fighter swung his arm, King Cold covered his face. He heard a blast and saw a light flash from what seemed to be an explosion, however he still seemed to be alive. He felt no pain, saw no light. He was still there. King Cold lifted his head to see that the fighter had shot his projectile blast to his spaceship instead of Cold himself, "What... What are anda doing? If you're going to kill me, do it now! anda could have used my spaceship for your own gains... Why did anda destroy it?"

"We don't need your technology.. but we could use your strength. There's a certain intent for why I'm here, and we'll need all the helping hands we can get for it.." Gohan answered as he turned around and walked away from King Cold. He descended from his Super Saiyan form back to his base form.

King Cold regained his strengths as he began to stand back up. He was on one knee, "I am forever in your debt, Saiyan. Maybe we were wrong about your kind," King Cold admitted. He finished standing up, now fully on both feet.

The fighter, Gohan, King Cold, the Z Fighters, and their friends were all together peacefully for a moment.

"Look, everyone... What just happened could have been a lot worse. Gohan and I only got a little roughed up; it's fine. As anda guys know oleh now, goku is alive and on his way here," the figher began.

"What is up with you?! First off, you're a Super Saiya-" Bulma began, but Vegeta interrupted, "No he's not! This kid is just using some tricks.. The Saiyan race was destroyed many years ago... Kakarot, his boy, and I are the only remaining Saiyans in existence, end of story!" Vegeta crossed his arms. Bulma continued, "Well... you're very powerful, and we've never seen atau heard of anda before.. And anda know Gohan's name.. anda also know who goku is, the fact that he's alive, and the fact that we know he's alive! How is this possible?"

"It's irrelevant at this point.. You'll all find out the details sooner atau later, but don't worry for now," the fighter began, "but I also know that goku will be landing here on Earth in approximately three hours."

"There's no way he knows this for sure! This kid's just some crazy weirdo who's trying to mess with us!" Yamcha interjected.

"You can believe what anda want to about me. anda can even talk behind my back for the time being, but I guarantee anda all that goku will be here in three hours. Let's just try to get along for these three hours... Yamcha."

"Bwah! He knows my name, too!"

"I could sit here and name each of you, and even a little something about you.. It might help pass the time," the fighter scanned the area to pick who he would identify, "You, in the back.. You're Vegeta. anda came here with a fellow Saiyan named Nappa some time ago.. anda later on traveled to Namek where Frieza killed you. anda are the Saiyan prince..."

Vegeta stood, flabbergasted at this knowledge the mysterious man had just presented.

He continued, "The Namekian.. Your name is Piccolo, son of the great Demon King Piccolo. anda helped goku defeat Raditz a while back, using your Special Beam Cannon. Then, anda trained little Gohan over there while anda all were waiting for the Saiyans to arrive... anda did a great job."

He continued to scan through, to see if there was any information he could display that would be of any shock to the people.

"You, with the blue hair.. Your name is Bulma, and anda need to lay off of the snacks."

Heh, I kinda feel bad for that last one.. She seemed really embarrassed... But in my defense, she did tell me to tell her past self that. he thought.

The three hours had passed.

"It's been three hours.. Where is your Kakarot at?" Vegeta asked impatiently.

"I... I honestly don't know why he isn't here yet..." the fighter quietly said. He was the one who was meant to defeat Frieza, but he was taking too long... Could me defeating him have somehow messed up the timeline? What about sparing King Cold, did that mess something up? he thought.

"It's because you're a clown, just like Kakarot! You're not a real Saiyan! Why are anda here, fool?" Vegeta asked, growing ever-angrier.

"I don't know why he isn't here, Vegeta! But I'm here for a good intent, I promise! anda just have to believe m..." the fighter stopped himself.

Suddenly the Z Fighters could all sense an amazing power coming nearer. The fighter looked up to the skies. A luar angkasa pod was approaching its landing. All of them, even Vegeta, knew it was Goku.