After Apia's story she hadn't spoken for a while it was as if she was trying to puzzle the whole thing in her head Vegeta was so young since the last time she saw him, and all those gambar they still made no sense, Radditz wasn't speaking to her, and she was pouring out her jantung to a mere mortal as if they were two peas in a pod.

Radditz had noticed that Apia had somewhat over stayed her welcome she wasn't leaving and he had to tell Kakarot as soon as necessarily possible atau else he'd never tell him.

"Kakarot!" he whispered again.

"What is it?"

"We need to speak now this concerns anda and anda must know I have already held it off long enough." goku nodded sternly.

"Of course."

Apia noticed the men talk over something secretly; she was curious.

Though ease dropping had never helped her in the past in never mattered to her whatever Radditz discussed with Kakarot it must be important.

Perhaps he is to tell him about her brother's visit.

But why?

Unless, he had thought that her brother would be too big of a threat!

Apia jumped to her feet and slowly made her way to where the men were discussing.

"Kakarot what I have to tell anda is not easy for me to say, but I need anda to take I easy as possible." Radditz informed.

Apia watched them from a distance she could hear every word spoken clearly.

"Yes Radditz." He berkata as he watched him carefully for him to speak once more.

"A man is coming, someone stronger than I am, and someone anda will not want to face."

goku tilted his head "Then why is it to any concern of mine."

"Because this man will have anda killed along with this planet but anda cannot fight him alone anda will need my help as well."

goku sneered "So what anda mean is that without your help I'll lose everything."

"We will all lose everything Kakarot, but this man happens to be Apia's younger brother!" he snarled.

goku gasped softly.

Apia had already heard enough what kind of game was Radditz playing was it his plan over all, in order to overrule the Saiyan race and make them bow down at his feet.

She growled "You traitor!" she spat as she stormed to meet face to face with her mate.

Radditz looked down to her api filled eyes "What are anda talking about."

She jammed her index finger at his chest "You know exactly what I am talking about, how could anda betray the Saiyan race oleh killing my brother!"

"You're wrong Apia, all I meant was that without Kakarot's help Vegeta will end up destroying this planet and I'll be either killed here atau taken back to be executed due to our mistake and anda will end up being mated with that baphoon and suffer the consequences because anda are already mated."

"Don't anda get it I can't go back!" she shouted.

"And why is that?" he growled getting up in her face.

Apia felt her lip quiver but held it back this was in no way time for tears "Because."

She stopped "Because of you!" she spat as she flew off outraged oleh the tightening in her chest and the cloudiness in her eyes.

Radditz watched her body disappear in the clouds.

goku rested a hand on his shoulder as Radditz tempted to chase after her.

"Let her go, it's obvious she is in no ready to speak to you." Radditz sighed.

"I guess you're right."

"We have lebih important things to worry about like how we are going to stop this guy." goku added.

Radditz nodded "Of course."

(With Apia)

She angrily wiped the tears from her cheeks.

She didn't want this; picking between her family and the man she loved.

How could she?

How could anyone?

Juliet never did.

Apia had read Romeo and Juliet many times

She never got the whole concept of it but when the characters died it was quite entertaining.

She landed down on to a large rock secluded from the deceiving eyes of her mate.

oleh holding her knee she looked up into the sky.

"Why is this happening to me?" she asked herself not expecting an answer.

"Oh that's simple." Spoke a voice from the school.

Apia released her leg and looked around frantically "Who berkata that, tampil yourself!" she demanded pointing at the sky.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Apia." The voice berkata again.

The voice sounded as if it was coated in gurgling bubbles.

"And why not!" she berkata sternly.

"Because I'm dead and I don't think Kai's are allowed on Earth." He chuckled.

"A Kai, what is that?" she berkata growing frustrated with whatever game this man was playing.

"Let me tampil you."

All of a sudden Apia saw a vision through her head it showed 4 planets surrounding the universe and then it zoomed to the North and there was a tiny planet with a cricket, monkey, and a blue bug type creature.

"That's me." He said.

She gasped as the image disappeared "Why are anda fooling around in my head what kind of monster are you?"

He chuckled again "Monster, no I am the watcher of the universe; well the North quadrant any way I heard your call and I couldn't just ignore it, I know lebih about anda then anda realize."

"What about?" she berkata calming down as she sat down in her original position.

"Well I know who your parents are your planet even about your mate."

Apia growled "Stay out of my life!"

King Kai sighed "Apia I need anda to listen, I'm not a bad guy I just want to help you."

"Well you're not." She berkata sounding a bit like an arrogant teenager.

"Apia I can help you, I also know Vegeta is on his way and anda have not much time."

"So what, are anda against my brother as well like everyone is! How about anda come down here so I can kill your ass!"

He sighed helplessly "That's not my point."

"Then what is your point because anda have done nothing but waste my time so get to your point already!"

"Vegeta seeks lebih than just conquering the planet he now wants to conquer the universe out of anger, he's taking Nappa along with him if anda let him slip through your fingers they will try to rule the universe." He berkata worryingly.

Anger what for? It couldn't be Nappa taking his position if it was he'd be dead oleh now.

"My brother isn't angry!" she corrected.

"Look for yourself."

Another flash of an image appeared in her head.

It was Vegeta slaughtering innocent lives for no reason.

Apia clenched her teeth her knuckles turned white and her chest heaved.


And as told he ended the image.

She looked down at the sky confused lebih than she had ever been in her entire life.

"That is not my brother!" she berkata growling like a ferocious monster.

"I'm sorry Apia."

"Shut up, stop twisting my thoughts leave me alone, anda must work with that bastard Freiza, don't you?"

King Kai shook his head "Apia I promise anda it's all the truth, trust me I have a way to turn Vegeta back to the way he was before I know it's hard for anda but anda must."

Apia was on the ground sweating due to her stress she gripped the ground and panted.

"How?" she berkata wearily.

She looked up into the sky "Please, tell me how can anda help him?"

King Kai smiled triumphantly "Goku atau the one anda know as Kakarot."

Apia looked up shockingly "Kakarot?"

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