Warning: Sexual Content
"What the hell is that?"Bulma looked at it confused.

"Blue kemeja and kaki's." she berkata unaffected oleh his negative reaction.

He sneered and pointed to Apia "How come she get's Saiyan armor and I get whatever anda call this."

"Bluue- shirt." She sounded out.

"I know that it's just, it's just, oh nevermind blast it all!"

Bulma smiled "Oh but that's not even the best part I even took the honor of embroidering something on the back." She turned it around and smiled brightly.

goku looked at it and snickered Radditz's eyes burst .

It read in big bright red letter's: Apia's Man.

"I AM NOT WEARING THAT!" he protested.

(30 menit later)

"I can't believe I'm wearing this." He growled.

Bulma gave goku a thumbs up "Works every time."

Radditz crossed his arms and turned his head away from the earthlings.

Bulma puckered her lower lip "Oh don't be mad at me I'm only female and besides I didn't want anda to feel left out." She cooed teasingly.

"Bulma anda didn't get me one." goku berkata as he tugged on her sleeve as if he were a child.

Bulma slapped his hand and shushed him sharply.

Apia certainly admired Bulma's cockiness and fearless attitude. If Bulma had the strength to go along with her attitude she would have considered taking her back to Vegetasai.

Apia looked over at Radditz she was upset; she couldn't believe it ever since their discussion about Vegeta coming to Earth he had spoken to her less and less over time.

And then like a meninju, pukulan in the face it struck her If Vegeta comes he will destroy everything. She gasped silently Even the Briefs!

The Briefs had slowly become her detik family and if her real family wanted to destroy them she had to find a way to prevent it from happening.

(with Radditz)

"Kakarot." He whispered to goku as he stuffed his face with a sandwich.

"What is it Radditz?"

Radditz had 3 months of thinking over on how he was going to tell his brother the horrifying news he wanted to also make sure this is what he wanted. To live as Earth's defender with his brother oleh his side.

"I want to talk to anda as soon as the blue haired heiress and Apia leave." goku agreed. "Okay."

goku never put up much of an argument his fate in what people say was a bit sickening.

Apia sat down in the lush green rumput thinking about that terrifying image she had saw when she touched her outfit it wasn't making any sense ever since her fight with Kakarot and Piccolo she had been having these weird gambar and dreams it was as if she were somehow becoming psychic.

"So how do anda like the outfit?" Bulma asked bent slightly above her and her hands behind her back.

Apia looked up at the silhouette, it being the only thing she could see at the moment.

Apia turned her head and huffed. Bulma being herself just shrugged and sat along side her.

"So.." she began "What's up with anda and- Radditz?" she asked curiously as if it were a missing chapter in a book.

Apia cocked an eyebrow hoping it would take Bulma's attention off her ceri, cherry red cheeks.

"What are anda implying?" she snarled.

Bulma rolled her eyes at how Apia pretended to act tough when backed into a mental corner "Oh don't play dumb with me I know sparks when I see them oh and that little break down anda had after he didn't notice anda completely proved my point in every way."


Apia had underestimated Bulma oleh a landslide she knew this is what she got when she made friends with the smartest being on the whole planet even when it came to social interactions.

"I'm afraid I have no idea what anda are talking about, Radditz means nothing to me."

Bulma smirked "Come on give up already, and just tell me how anda guys are.. aquatinted?"

Apia only had one friend the rest of the people she cared about were her family and let's face it Radditz.

She could tell her it's not like she had anything to loose.

"You already know lebih than anda should know Earth woman." She growled then she looked up in the sky.

"A tahun yang lalu back on my planet, Radditz had been diberikan the one in a lifetime chance to have makan malam with my family and impressed them in the process. At first he was only just a common 3rd class warrior but he slowly turned into something much lebih than I had ever imagined."

(The rest of this untold story will be in a 3rd person omniscient in a flashback)

Apia looked into the dusty cracked window, as her maidens sowed the rest of her jade colored Saiyan armor it was specially designed for this event: The Mating Festival.

Every crease and curve all over her body made it look even lebih elegant and sexy than it already did. Rena and Genie looked up in awe.

"My dear anda look ravishing if anda don't find a mate today all men of this planet will be tested for extreme sickness."

Apia smirked slightly down to her.

"I am grateful for all anda have done go enjoy the festival and best wishes that anda will find your mate."

The two female low class Saiyans bowed on their way out the door leaving Apia to look into the mirror."

Her air was up in a bun on puncak, atas of her head she was wearing the same ruby earrings her mother had worn when she met her father at the festival 17 years present.

She ran her hands slowly along the sides of her body and frowned.

"I'm ready." She stated softly and walked out of her room into the streets.

The main objective was for her to find a mate of 2nd and 1st class warriors She had 5 hours to find a mate and mate with him.

If she failed to meet all those standards her father would be forced to pick for her.

All women of the Saiyan race without a mate gathered from all over the planet to gabung in front of the kingdom to participate in such a powerful and lustful event.

Though those rules all qualified except they were only open to 3rd and 2nd class warriors.

For most women it was a rather difficult task if they didn't find a mate they would have to wait till selanjutnya tahun until they could try again. But Apia being princess the competition was not very high.

When she stepped into the jalan, street she was bewildered oleh the crowds of both male and female gathered around, dancing eating and some even mating in the open as everyone struggled to find the one they'd be with forever.

Apia was trailing down the road the shriek of screams of pleasure and fireworks surrounded the air as she nonchalantly walked past as the groups of 2nd and 1st class men gawk at her as she swayed her hips temptingly.

When she turned the men were watching and she smirked "Hi boys." She greeted.

They all whooped and whistled as they shouted vulgar things at her. (This event being the only time they could and stay alive to tell the tale)

When she smiled at the group one face stuck out and she had to glance again in order to make sure she wasn't going crazy but it was. It was Radditz.

She then flew away from the crowd and went to find Radditz.

She landed on puncak, atas of a building where 3 couples were busy with their mating she looked down.

No sign of him and it was merely impossible to cari for him in the midst of over 1,000 saiyans in one area.

"Looking for someone?" a voice asked from behind her.

She turned and smirked "Not at all just trying to catch some air, no matter how enjoyable these events get they still are very much stressful especially for being the princess that is."

He nodded "Any luck?"

Apia turned her head "Who berkata I was looking?"

"So I guess anda want your father to pick someone for anda instead of picking yourself."

"No one is worthy enough." She stated coldly. "And besides I have to pick from 1st and 2nd class everyone knows they are stuck up snobs anyhow." She said.

"Oh is that all there is to it?" he teased.

"What are anda inferring that I have some interest for a 3rd class." She laughed mockingly "Not a chance but nice try though."

"I never berkata that now did I?" Apia's smirk turned into a sneer and turned her head swiftly.

""Oh anda asked for it." She threatened.

He jumped off the building and quickly soared through the air he laughed in the wind.

This getting Apia ticked she sped up to catch him they were now in the middle of trees and darkness far away from the eyes of other Saiyans.

Radditz turned to find no sign of Apia anywhere.

He growled slightly he couldn't see of sense anything.

"Yoo hoo." Apia called he turned.

And she tagged him "I always win." She stated.

Radditz wrapped his muscular arms around her tiny waist pulling her clothes not being able to control his feelings towards her.

He brought his lips to hers roughly smothering her lips his jantung hammering against her own.

If it were any other male doing this to her she would have killed him on the spot but she wanted this she knew she wanted it as soon as she spotted him amongst the group of men.

He flew them down and landed into a soft brush of grass.

Perfect. He thought. They were way far from the others.

Apia ran her hands along his abs (Him already wearing only spandeks, spandex due to the event) she then slowly trailed down to his pants.

Getting even lebih wet with each passing moment.

He groaned against their locked lips "Not yet."

She growled "And why not." She argued.

"I want to make this last." He shoved her to the ground and pinned her as he over ruled the princess for once hungrily licking her lips and rubbing his hands down her flat waist.

She moaned softly it was the most amazing feeling ever.

She smirked and gritted her teeth "You're teasing now." She corrected as she pressed his chest.

He rolled his eyes at how impossible she was.

He slipped down the zipper and slid his hand inside groping her breasts not being able to stop himself much longer he needed her.. now.

oleh slipping off the rest of her costume and ran his body along hers rubbing their nipples against one another.

She tugged roughly on his hair and looked him in the eyes api flaring through them.

"Please, just end the wait and fuck me now."

Not exactly pleased with her choice of words he obliged.

She smiled and slid her delicate hand in his pants and massaged it pumping her palm at the head rapidly earning lots of grunts and groans.

She smirked evilly loving making the man fall down at her feet once again.

Noticing how she managed to overpower him he growled and took it out.

"Uh uh." He disapproved as he then bent down and stuck tow fingers in her and smirked.

She growled at the change of actions she was enjoying herself but quickly shifted emotions when he pumped the first time.

She gritted her teeth the faster he went and was holding back the cum spitting out climaxing in the process.

She gasped and let her head collapse on the floor her chest heaving.

He then ducked his head and sucked on her nipples roughly nibbling on them playfully she squealed and forced back her moans.

"N-no not b-by a 3rd c-class war- ahh!" she screamed.

She snarled and flipped him over once again "Never." She berkata she then bent down and sucked roughly on his swollen member humming softly into it as he gripped the rumput for support. He pushed her shoulders down to release her grip on him.

He climbed on puncak, atas of her and forcefully shoved his manhood further into her womanhood.

She gasped out of pain but then moaned softly.

He rocked slowly large slow thrusts teasing her.

Then oleh moving faster she gripped her nails into his hard back and begged him silently to pindah faster and harder.

"R-Radditz!" she yelled.

He knew he was getting close and it was now atau never he then turned her neck to the side a sunk his teeth into her neck in the middle of her moment of bliss.

Marking her as his forever.

(end of Flashback)

Bulma smiled her hands under her chin "Wow."

So how was it?