Unaware of Radditz's plan to stay on Earth. Apia went oleh her hari training figuring there was nothing else better to do.

She was doing hand stand pushups in her room when she heard a tap on the door.

"Can I come in?" Bulma asked from the other side.

Apia rolled her eyes "Even if I berkata no you'd still do the same thing oleh ignoring my request and doing what anda feel, so should I answer?" Bulma giggled and opened the door a tray in hand.

"I brought anda some water; anda haven't drank anything for 4 hours straight."

Apia shrugged and flipped on to her feet and sat Indian style beside the scientist as she gulped down the cool liquid.

She wiped the side of her mouth with her arm "A true warrior is always prepared that's what my father taught me."

Bulma took a sip from her own cup "You seem very fond of him." Apia glanced at her and smirked her bottom lip on the cups side "Yes I am."

3 months had gone oleh since Apia had arrived on Earth and she had built some kind of relationship with Bulma.

"You know there is one thing I don't get." Bulma stated.

Apia looked at her "And what might that be?"

"Well.. I have a bunch of clothes anda can where anda know, anda don't have to wear the same ones it kind of gets dull."

Apia looked at her clothes.

She had observed the clothing patterns over the last few months living here they all consists of tube puncak, atas shirts, short shorts, and dresses.

"I'll pass." She stretched her arm to the side and cracked her neck.

"Oh come on I bought this outfit for anda the other hari and I thought of you."

Apia saw the twinkle in her sapphire eyes "Show me." She commanded.

Bulma squealed happily and went to go fetch the mystery outfit.

Apia was always baffled at how the Earthling woman acted: they were fragile, they wore to much paint and powdery substances on their faces, and did girlish things such as giggling and shouting for help instead of fighting whatever the problem was.

Saiyan women only cared for 3 things Sex, Men, and Fighting everything else came after. For the most part Saiyan women were mostly beautiful.

Apia being the most desirable woman on Vegetasai should know.

"Here it is." She sang as she stepped into the room a smile stretched across her perfect features.

Apia looked at her strangely and slowly took a peak between the plastic.

"Ah, ah, ah." She shook her figure in front of her face and pulled it from the plastic covering it letting it sink to the floor.

Apia couldn't believe it what she though was going to be some flashy revealing dress turned out to be Saiyan armor atau something that looked just like it.

It was very similar to her old armor it was built like a one piece black swim suit without the straps and plates made of emas over where her breast and abdomen were.

And a small Capsule Corp logo on the hip.

"Okay maybe I lied about buying it but I did make it, it's very sexy and comfortable."

Apia looked down at her current armor it was worn it had shreds, holes, the black was turning brown, and the emas was dull.

She touched the clothing gently and felt an electrifying feeling as if the suit meant something then like a flash of light she could see one face; Freiza.

Apia gasped and fell to the ground she held her jantung and panted heavily.

"Apia, are anda alright?"

"I'm fine." She growled.

What the hell was that, was it a vision? atau was it just a disturbing image?

"How about anda try it on and then will go visit goku and Radditz."

Apia got up without further discussion and snatched the outfit from her grasp and slipped into the bathroom.

She gulped nervously it would be her first time wearing something that wasn't Saiyan related.

It was like walking into an ice cold pool.

She slowly undressed and slipped on the new outfit as soon as her eyes met on the mirror only one thing crossed her mind.

The face of her twin brother; Vegeta.

When she walked out she met the smile of a rather impressed scientist she smile triumphantly at her creation.

"It's time we go to Goku's." she stated grabbing a capsule and walking out the door.

Before she could throw the Capsule, Apia swooped in behind her and decided to fly her there riding in the slow bingkah, cowok of metal just wasn't an option.

She had only rode in it once and it was the longest most utterly boring experience of her life.

goku and Radditz were out sparring outside in the landscape of Mount Paio's.

They were so into their fight they didn't even notice the two land.

Apia growled she was hoping to put Radditz in awe with her new outfit but he wasn't even aware that she was there.

"Huh anda would think they would notice people falling from the sky." Bulma stated simply not even phased oleh the lack of attention.

But Apia was very much upset oleh yanking on her ponytail she cleared her throat.

Still not noticing her standing she raised her ki and growled shaking the ground in the process.

Causing Bulma to wobble to the ground "Apia!"

Radditz and goku turned.

Radditz couldn't help but chuckle at Apia's actions; she always wanted to be noticed and the lack of acknowledgment irked her to a breaking point, and he had to admit it was a good look for her.

Continuing on with their training session he turned to give her one glance a sexy smirk crossing his lips.

And a cepat, swift meninju, pukulan landed across his face. (Epic Failure!)

And a cringe now was made on Bulma's face. "Are anda okay?"

Radditz growled as he got up trying to avoid further embarrassment as much as possible.

"Kakarot, that was dirty!" goku chuckled.

"It's not my fault if anda weren't paying attention." He concluded.

Apia set her hands on her firm hips "It looks like you'll be having another sparring partner."

goku looked around urgently "Where?"

Apia scowled "Me anda imbecile!"

goku scratched the back of his head "Sorry, I guess I'm not used to fighting with girls, well except Chi-Chi but you're a Saiyan too."

Apia crossed her arms "More Saiyan than you." She growled.

Bulma approached them before they got into action.

"Radditz I almost forgot I made anda an outfit as well." She pulled out a plastic bag and slowly undid it.

Radditz nearly threw up at the sight of it.