Radditz landed in front of a being with green skin and antennas (it reminded him of a bug), dissaointed that it wasn't Kakarat he had sensed he growled.

"You're not Kakarat!" the green being cocked an invisible eyebrow.

"No I'm not." He stated simply his voice oozing sarcasm.

Radditz could tell and sneered.

"Would anda mind advising me on where I might find him instead of stating the obvious!"

"I don't even know who anda are talking about!"

Radditz scoffed how dare he speak to me like that!

"Then your useless to me!" raising his power slightly as he yelled shaking the ground slightly as the green man looked around in shock.

Though his yells were loud he heard a small beep come from his scouter that stopped him immediately; he smirked.

"Looks like we'll have to get back to this." He flew off quickly not wanting to lose his brother.

(With Apia)

She had been flying for a short time and she had sensed a high power level; though it wasn't familiar she assumed it just had to be Kakarat.

Dropping down on the rocky cliff in front of a being unlike the other ones she had seen so far.

"You, green man do anda know of the one they call Kakarat?" she asked pointing to him.

"You too huh?" she cocked an eyebrow.

"What are anda talking about anda over sized asparagus, tell me atau I'll blast anda into oblivion!"

"A guy with the same thing on his face as you, asked me the same question, and I'm going to give anda the same answer; I have no clue on who this Kakarat character is!"

Apia smirked despite his yelling Radditz! She felt like a little girl as she thought it but she just couldn't hold back the joy in her heart.

She swiftly turned her head to face the green man "Tell me where he went!" she demanded harshly.

"He flew off that way." She chuckled and dashed into the sky and clicked her sky "There anda are!"

(With Radditz)

Radditz landed upon an island with 3 other people alongside Goku.

"Greetings Kakarat." He stated.

goku observed the man as he slowly approached him keeping up his guard he handed Gohan to Bulma as he approached the man as well seeing that he was referring to him.

"I don't know who this Kakarat anda are talking about is but whoever he is it's not me atau anyone on this island."

"Oh contraire, anda are indeed the one they call Kakarat." Stated a female voice from the sky.

Radditz glanced behind him and almost feel over at the sight of the Saiyan princess here with him on this mud ball.

"Apia?" he asked in utter shock not being able to control the pounding in his jantung what was happening to him?

Apia's lips curved into a smirk as she landed beside Radditz.

"I didn't ask for your assistance." He muttered bitterly.

Apia looked at him "Whether anda want me here atau not; that is not your choice to make." She concluded.

With a sharp huff, Radditz turned his attention back to his brother.

"As a warrior of the Saiyan race and eldest son of Bardock I order you, my brother, to come back with us to place yourself among the rest of your race anda have long forgotten."

A short bald guy walked up to Radditz "I think you've got him mistaken for something else goku isn't a Saiyan atau whatever your talking about."

With a sweep of his hand Radditz flew the short guy into the side of kame house.

"Hey!" goku growled he watched the man chuckle triumphantly.

"I don't know who this Kakarat is, my name is goku and I was born on Earth!" Radditz flashed a glance with the Saiyan princess.

They both burst into a fit of laughter.

"Did anda here that Radditz he thinks he's human." Apia cackled holding her stomach as Radditz chuckled as he laughed along with the princess.

Wiping a stray tear from her eye the princess looked at him "You fool anda were sent here as a baby anda were born on our planet, anda were supposed to destroy this planet when anda came of age but it seems anda failed."

goku sneered "Okay maybe I am this Saiyan thing anda guys are talking about, but I would never destroy Earth it's my home!"

Apia stopped smirking and growled "How dare anda call the Saiyan race "a thing" anda incompetent fool!"

Radditz knew something was off.

"Were anda oleh any chance dropped on your head as a child atau suffered any sort of memory loss?"

goku thought rubbing his chin "I don't think so."

"No Goku." Master Roshi interrupted "A matter of fact your grandfather Gohan had told me once anda had once bumped your head and anda were turned into the sweetest child the world had ever known."

goku grew stern "So this means I am one of them?" Apia nodded smirking.

"How does it feel to be apart of the greatest race in all the universe?"

goku turned away to check on the crying Gohan.

Apia gasped "He has a tail!"

goku sneered "What about it?"

Apia smirked "Nothing." Then she did instant transmission and grabbed Gohan.

The child squealed in her grasp as she held him.

Both Apia and Radditz rose into the air.

"Kill at least 100 earthlings in the selanjutnya jam and we won't kill your son."

goku growled "Now anda wait a minute!" goku flew up and tried to snatch Gohan from her arms.

She kicked his stomach and flew away as she left him groaning in pain he had to get his son back!