Apia sat alongside her father as she sat listening to him debat with the fellow council men of Vegetasai she never necessarily enjoyed things like this but as future councilmen of Vegetasai while Vegeta ruled the planet after his father she had no choice but to do so.

"I close this now, what Freiza says must go I have no control over that councilmen Remo!" King Vegeta spat as he arose from his chair.

Councilman Remo was a man with a strong patriotic jantung for planet Vegetasai he looked at King Vegeta and scoffed "Never did I think for a moment that a warrior as strong as anda would take orders from someone like Freiza." He berkata sadly as he sat down in his chair.

Councilman Remo wasn't a Saiyan but he loved the Saiyans as if it were his own race.

Apia looked at her father as he huffed "You all may be dismissed!" he growled as he watched the remaining Saiyans leave the royal hall.

"Apia." He berkata slowly. She locked eyes with him and answered "Yes father."

He grabbed her hand "Did Radditz go today?"

Apia wasn't exactly sure why her father was asking about Radditz and she couldn't help but get angry when he mentioned his name.

"Yes he did." She snarled viciously.

He nodded "I don't see why we sent a 3rd class warrior to do what Vegeta could have done in half the time is beyond me."

Apia sighed "Because it's his brother the detik son of Bardock, and Vegeta is too young indeed he would have no problem pursuing this particular task but I have a feeling Kakorat is no ordinary warrior."

Her father chuckled at his daughter "Do anda have any idea on what anda are implying Bardock is no stronger than Tarble." He chuckled once again.

Apia smiled "I suppose I was being a bit foolish but anda know how strong Radditz is I just thought maybe his brother might be the same."

"Yes I see why anda would have thought that." He stood up and walked down the stairs he turned around.

"Oh Apia I've meaning to tell anda I need anda to take a pod as well down to another planet I think it's called Dye I want anda to take it over no big deal okay."

Apia nodded "Yes I'll head out tomorrow I shall be back in about a tahun atau so, but father why is it so many Saiyans have been shipped off?"

"Look Freiza has been wanting lebih and lebih planets for his "collection" I have no choice but to send my men away in order to meet his requested one hari it will be Vegeta Freiza takes orders from."

Apia nodded "Of Course father Vegeta will one hari be a great and ruthless king."

He nodded and walked out the hall as well.

Apia sighed if she had to leave for another planet in the morning she might as well get some rest.

And then she walked off.


Radditz never enjoyed sleeping when in his pod he only did when he was tired the rest of the time he sat just watching the millions of stars pass oleh him as he traveled at the speed of light.

He had to admit it was nice to sit down, after running around like a work dog for Freiza it sure took a lot out of him.

Though the constant thoughts of a Saiyan Princess wasn't making anything easier.

A small smirk had crossed upon his chiseled features, him the former lover of the princess a low class warrior a part of him wanted to let the world know what he had accomplished but another part had wanted to keep it between him and her forever.