The ginyu force, like atau hate them, were truly a force to be dealt with. each one had something that should have gotten lebih episodes. guldo: do i need to say it? his ability to freeze time could make him invincible if not for having to hold his breath. jeice and burter: amazing team who have got a chance to tampil their moves and actually land them. recoome: strong as hell, but his weakness is that his brain is the size of a peanut. if he was lebih strategic, he could easily wipe out super saiyan goku, thats why goku hit him before letting him do his ultra fighting pembom, pengebom move. and captain ginyu: the fact that he can raise and surpress his power level and he can change bodies makes him lebih of a challenge than what happened in the anime. the ginyu force were billed as super powerful and were easily defeated oleh tien, yamcha, and chiaotzu. that was horrible, and they should have had lebih of their own saga. thats just my opinion and i am eager to see komentar whether good atau bad. until selanjutnya time, bye for now.